Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dealing with Fools and Idiots

Hello my friends. I do apologize for the delay of posting. Unfortunately my health has been causing me problems. No worries though, it is all the process of making myself healthy. lol. In the war of fighting the problems my body has, occasionally I lose a battle, but in the big picture I am winning. In several months I should be healthy, but until then it is touch and go. The recent bout is about adjusting my meds to the right combinations and amounts. To lay it out straight to you, I slept for about 8 days straight because of sugar levels and my heartbeat being way to fast and my blood pressure way to low. Well, it looks like we have that straight now, but I did have to get back on prednisone to make my body strong again.
The piece above is for one of my publishers, Withersin Magazine and is for a story called Sculpting. This will be the 3rd issue where my work has appeared in their fine magazine, but the first time as Nick Rose. The first 2 times was as William Johns, my alter ego, or is Nick Rose my alter ego? Or are they both one in the same? Is that possible? Now that is something to wrap my noodle around for a while.
If you noticed I named this entry "Dealing with Fools and Idiots" for a good reason. It seems that when a man (me) is down with health problems all the fools and idiots come out of the woodwork trying to mess with me. That is fine, I can deal with that, but remember now there going to have to deal with a healthy man, and your gonna find out that they bite off more than they can chew. Each day I am getting stronger than I have been in many years. I have cleaned up my act, but I am paying the price for all the abuse I did to my body for many years, but I am healing.
I do my best to be a peaceful man these days. There was a time when I was filled with fire and anger, and I wouldn't thing twice about getting in someones face and going after them. I have changed that part of me these past few years, but a few folks are really pushing it. I've had to deal with an artist that got in touch with me, convinced me that he had very serious illnesses and was dying, but fighting for his life. I felt horrible for him, and did my best to be a friend to him, just to find out he was playing me for a fool? Why in the world would a human being do something like this? Why? Now I have to assume that everthing that this person told me was a lie, and his friends that I talked to and almost helped, only to find out that they where also helping him with his lie. And what do you think is going to happen now when someone contacts with me a sob story. I want believe it, as a matter of fact I probably want even write back, and this could be the one time that some one really does need help and deserves it. I can only hope that Karma will deal with these people and the darkness behind them that I know very well.
This is just one example of many, but the rest are nothing and just amuse the heck out of me to be honest. The main thing now is to get back to where I left off before I got knocked on my butt with the health issues, so Monday I will be back to writing again and start posting those lessons as I get them done. The portfolio one is almost done, and I should post it Monday evening. Tomorrow I have to read a couple of new storys for assignments and get started on them by Tuesday.
I do have some pretty big news. As of tonight 9/19 there is a feature on me on This is a pretty big deal and should really help get my art out there. Horrorbound is one of the bigger Horror publications in the business, so I am very honored by this.


Geo said...

hey nick,sorry to hear you are battling the illnes again, me too bud , me to...

BUT congrats on the write up and the new art work. i love the drawing and in black & white i can see he mid section isnt as dark as it looked colored. i love it.

well im off,tired as i have been painting like a mofo.

Nick Rose said...

Thank you George. I hope you get to feeling better soon my friend. I can't wait to see the new work!

Geo said...

thanks nick, im putting steps of it up on my blog.