Monday, October 11, 2010

Painting flesh tones part 2

     Hello my friends.  I am glad to be with you once again. As promised, I have the second part of flesh color mixing for you, with pictures.  The bad thing is that I am not a good photography, so hopefully you can bare the photo's I took for you.  But first other things that are going on. I posted a special blog a couple of days ago with the interview I did with Tilly Rivers for Main Street Magazine, who is also an awesome model who is modeling for me as well.  Darn, I am getting all these very high profile and beautiful women modeling for me.  We have  Madeline Frost, Suzi Lorainne, and now Tilly Rivers.  Here is a picture of each of them in the order I named them.

 Here are 2 of Madeline, one of the pictures I shoot during a photo shoot with her and Darius.
   and here is Suzi....
and last, but no means Tilly Rivers.
    If you want to see more pictures of them, look on links to the right of the page and you will see a box that says "Models I use".  These are some wonderful people to work with and I would recommend them to any artist in search of models.  Now if a fellow can't do some good paintings with wonderful models like these to work with, he just doesn't have what it takes yet. lol
     I wanted to showcase the lady models today, and I will show case the fellows on another blog. 
     Now to what we are all here for, art. I hope you all remember the lessons from mixing flesh tones part one, because here is part two.  If you remember the mixture I told you to start with as your base, these pictures will help. I did have one problem though.  It had been 2 years since I mixed up the base color, so it is a little off. I needed to add more yellow ochre to the mix. So what i did was add it to side of the palette and added it to the mixes as I used it. I am sure that you will that you will have the same problem from time to time. Luckily I made the chart below from the last oil painting I did 2 years ago, if you click on it and enlarge and print it, it is the exact the way the paints should look after the mix. I also added sap green, yellow ochre and orange.
  The first 2 lines are the actually flesh colors.  Put your hand beside the chart, and you will be able to find these colors in your skin.  The next series of pictures are how I mixed the colors and made them to the value scale. I am sorry that the pic's are a little fuzzy, but you still can get the ideal.

      The colors I added are orange, sap green, red, blue and a neutral gray.  It the second picture you can see where I was mixing colors on the pallet, basically adding yellow ochre to the flesh tones as I went.  The next picture is the painting still in progress, but it will give you an ideal of how the colors work together to make flesh.
     There are still a lot of things to finish on the painting, so please don't be judgemental until I am done which I am hoping will be this week. Depends on how the week goes.
 The only time you ever use pure white, and I prefer zinc white is for the gleam in the eye or on a tooth and there are times that you want to use a black, then use Payne's gray. It is as black as black but will not muddy up your other colors when you blend, other wise use the dark I thought you last week for your flesh tones.
     Next week we will talk about how to paint and a little on color and how to mix and use them. By all means, if you do not understand what I am telling you, send me a comment or a letter and I will do my best to explain it better.  So until then my friends. Much Love and "May the darkness comfort you."

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Widow_Lady302 said...

Holy CRAP I missed this post! I came here, as I do most mondays to see if you'd posted..and then seeing you had not went to click for your charity and POOF found this. Odd to me because I have been thinking about skin tone...Will share with you why sometime after the first of the year! I made note of this post though...<3