Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello my friends. I just realised I need to up-date the website. Yikes. Above is Kitty-Boo, a sketch for a new painting I started today called "The Ten Klown Mandments " written by Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin This sketch is just a part of the whole thing. One the next blog I should have the rest of the sketches, and show you how they all come together for the final painting.

This one is going to be a blast. For one, its a break from the "Mental Scars" project and gives me something that I really like to draw, which is anything strange or scary. As we have talked about in the last several blogs. I am going to share a lot of info with you all, but I just am not going to do it every blog. Sometimes, I just like to check in, and show you what I am up to, like today. Nothing heavy, just catching up.

I am feeling much better, but I have been having problems. My moods have been awful, they've been up and down because of problems with blood sugar. I'm amazed that Cheryl hasn't beat me to a bloody pulp yet. The doc told me today, NO MORE CANDY OR SUGAR! He was kind of firm about it too. I think I need to listen this time. Ho Hum. Cheryl went and got me some sugarless candy that is actually pretty good, so maybe this want be as bad as all that. But because I am back on prednisone, my sugar levels are sky high but there not great when I'm off of prednisone either. So, in my attempt to live a long life and be healthier, I have given up smoking, booze, candy, most pain medicines, and most all foods that are fried.

I know one thing, I sure couldn't get through this without Cheryl. She's been my rock through some hard times here. But anyways, time to go. Ghosthunters night! Peace and Blessings!

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Geo said...

clowns scare me...but it is looking good.i hope you start feeling better.