Sunday, August 30, 2009

Switching Gears

Hello my friends. I am sorry, but this is another short blog. The reason is, I am in the middle of switching gears as the saying goes. Let me explain.
While I was in the hospital, at one point, I quit breathing because of being over medicated. But I pulled through to tell the tell. But this really got me to thinking about what is really important to me in this life. One of those things turns out to be that I really want to take this passing on of knowledge very seriously. A few years ago I had made up my mind that I want to write a book about all that I have learned and am still learning. So, instead of putting this off, I have started the book. The chapter I am working on now is the one about building a portfolio, which I promised to share with you. I will have to post it and all lessons in several parts from here on out, just simply because of the length. This also means, it might be longer between the installments because I will be doing sample Illustrations to accompany it.
Now, 80% of the book will be available right here and for free. But I will also hold some back too so people will buy the book. I hope that this book will be something I can leave behind to help people for years to come. I will share secrets with you that some artist will never have a chance to know. I will teach you the color method that is only known and passed down from Masters to their students, and so on. I know at this point, I am no Master, but I do have the training and if I live long enough, I will reach that level.
Basically my goal with this is to give you an education that would cost you and your family 6 digits for under 100 bucks. It will also include an instructional video. My goal is to have this done and out by this time next year. I am not a greedy man, and this isn't about the money. This is about keeping a promise to someone I love and appreciate dearly. So I guessing that I will have to self-publish, which is fine. Cheryl and I have plans to do that anyways. (and that is another thing we will talk about in a couple of months.)
I know I said this in the last blog but next time around, I'll have some more sketches from the Klowny painting. (This one is going to have tons of details) and post the first part of the Portfolio chapter. I am getting ready to bring everything I do up a level or 2. Thank you all for sharing this ride with me. Much Love. Peace and Blessings.


Geo said...

you will make it to old man status !

Nick Rose said...

Just so I can pop you with my cane if noting else!!! lmao

Geo said...


Tracy said...


You WILL get there my friend. Your openess and generosity are to be admired as well as your skills.


Nick Rose said...

Thank you Tracy.You are a good and kind friend. I've been writing all morning. lol But like I said, i am taking everything up a notch or two. I want to take this writing thing as seriouly as I do my art.