Sunday, November 15, 2009

"A New Chapter....."

Without a doubt, this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and one heck of a roller-coaster ride. This last year has been full of changes and growth for me, and I have loved every day of it and meet every day with wide open arms and wide open eyes. I do what I do out of love, but there are a lot of folks out there that just want to use me to make them money and don't give a hoot about anything else. I will never understand how people can possibly put money above all else, but they do.
All I care about is my art and the people I love. I have Cheryl to thank for that. She is the first one that has been able to talk to me on a level that I can understand and see things for what they truly are.
The move has been rough on us, but we did it. We decided that when we buy our home, we are gonna pay for some one to move us then. lol In our minds where only 23, but our bodies are telling us a very different story. lmao! Where did the years go?
I love the new house. We went from a one story house to a 3 story home, and the whole basement is my Man-cave/studio. lol We also have 2 bathrooms now. When you have something like colitis, that is a good thing. In the studio I even have room to set up an area for photographing models, which I need to do soon for a big fantasy project I have coming up after Christmas. I also have a cool dark fantasy project to get done before Christmas as well, and then a Horror/western painting to get done the week of Christmas.
You know I was worried about not getting enough exercise, but going up and down these steps all day is giving me quite a workout. I'm going to have to buy a new washer and dryer now. We had a laundry mat at the old house, but not here, just the hook up. That really bites, because I had to leave a wonderful washer and dryer behind when I moved to Michigan. But I lost a lot of things when I moved here and a lot was stolen from me. But thats alright. Like I said, this is a new chapter in my life and I've had to start over on a lot of things.
I'm actually looking forward to getting a new easel. I've never worked on one before, but Daniel and Mark really love painting on them, so I thought I would give it a try. I've always used a Drawing Table, which I might whine up getting another one of those as well. I'm just not sure at this point. Right now, I am just hoping my oils are still good and didn't get ruined sitting in the cold last winter. I'll know in a couple of days.
It is so cool to unpack all of my art stuff and neat little collectables and see them again after all this time. It really brings back memories and makes me feel even more at home. I should be back to working by the weekend, or at least I hope so.
I have to tell you, I am in some serious pain. lol No one helped Cheryl and me move, except for her Mom, and I feel like my legs and arms are about to fall off. Lucky for me the doc hooked me up with some very potent Hydrocodone. That helps alot and muscle relaxers help to. The VA gets me through! lol
I am really enjoying being off from painting for a week. I really need this break. I feel like I'm on the verge of burning out, and I don't need that. being in my new studio is really getting me pumped up though.
Well, its back to unpacking for me, but I just wanted to check in and let all my friends know that Cheryl and I are doing wonderful and things are really great. Peace and Blessings all. I'll see you in a few days.

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Geo said...

when we moved ten years ago we hired movers....its a good thing.

ive been thinking of getting an easel to.i have that mural to do for my b laws shop and we were talking about just doing it on a large canvas instead of the wall.this way they could move it if needed.

well im glad to see you are back up posting.

take care.