Saturday, November 28, 2009

New stuff.

This is where I start. After I have my model shots, I spend about a half a day drawing it out. I drew this in Painter, which I like when I am facing deadlines. But as long as I don't get a major illness or something, this assignment, 2 paintings will be done with a couple of weeks to spare. An then I am going to start a project I know a lot of you will enjoy. It will be fantasy work for a novel. It will be about 12 pencil drawings, portrait style of all the main characters of the book. Many of you have told me how much you like my pencil work.
In the above drawing, I did it different than I would have done a pencil sketch. Since I know this going to be a painting I add some of the darker details that will show through the final version. This fellow is going to be a frier when he is done, but I have to draw him as I see him first, then make the changes i need to make him have the look I want. I got a lot of his costume right when I took the pictures, but some things I didn't have and will have to add them as I draw and paint it.
One of the things I have been doing lately is a lot more learning and practicing, thanks to my friend George. I have always had trouble doing folds in clothing so i am working on learning that better and hopefully that will show over the next few paintings. I have decided this coming year is going to be about learning more and more. I don't feel that my skills are any where close to where they should be, and I just feel that I can do better. Of course, I think all artist are like that, or at least the serious ones, and I intend to get much more serious about what I do. This last year has been about me being in a place to be a artist everyday. I had to quit carpet, and with the health problems I have, I can't get a regular job. But I am turning my health around. I did quit smoking about 9 months ago. I quit when I moved in with Cheryl. I don't drink everyday anymore. Now i might have some beers a couple nights a week, and that is it. My diet is much better, but still needs work. I am getting much more exercise than I was and I am starting to feel stronger now., and last but not least is my mental frame of mind. I am becoming much more positive about everything.
I have gotten over most of the anger I have had and held in me. There is still one person that I despise with all my heart and soul, but I don't let it bother me anymore. But I'll never be able to be glad to see that person ever again, or maybe in time I will finally get past that, who knows? I really hope I can, but I'm not perfect. I'm far from it actually. lol
The one thing I really need to do though is make some friends here in Michigan. As it is, I never get out, unless Cheryl and I go out to eat or shopping. I was looking for a "Ghost Hunter" type of group to join here in Mid-Michigan, and I found 2, and wrote them letters for info, and never heard back from them. Is there any readers out there that know of any in this area I could hook up with? Outside of art, ghost hunting is my favorite thing to do. Ask Cheryl, I never miss any of the Ghost Hunting type of shows that are on TV these days. I know she is not into it much like I am, but she is a good sport and lets me watch them all. She Is such a sweet and wonderful person, and for all of you that like my art, she is the one that made it possible for me to do this. So please tell her "Thank You"
Slowly but surely the studio is shaping up. The computer part of it is all set up, but until I get an Easel or new drawing table, I can't finish putting everything in place. I need some book shelfs and a few more tables. So, it will take a little more time before I can finish un-packing everything. After we get past Christmas, and buy us a washer and dryer, I will start putting money into building my studio again, and get prints and other things made to sell.
Well, time to get to work. Please remember, if you have a question about art and you want me to tell you the answer, please, just drop me a line. I will be happy to help you out, and I hoping that by this time next year I will have my first instruction book out. "May the Darkness comfort you."


Geo said...

i find fold in clothing hard to.its down rite a pain in the

i learned a trick i want to share with may already know of it but if ya dont its just good helps ya see mistakes you dont normally see and it elaborates on something you taught me many moons ago.

you know how if you are sketching in traditional methods you flip the image upside down or work on it from the left etc ? well you can flip images in photo shop to and holy do you see things you dont normally. it goes back to the early masters using mirrors.

i look forward to your pencil work.

have a good one.

Nick Rose said...

Man, that sure would beat the heck out of standing on my head in front of the computer trying to see it up side down. I sure wish you would have told me this sooner! lmao..