Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breaks Over and Introducing Spooky Demensia!

Hello my friends. Sorry for the lapse of posts, but I needed to take some time off and get my studio finally set up and get rejuvenated. Above is Spooky, the first Deadly Dolz. Not only is she one of the best people I know, she is extremely talented. She has her own video shows and is a one of the best "bizarre" personality's in the business. Many people have been trying to copy her, but she is the original, and we have gotten her name and look protected now. Just like Suzi Lorainne, she is a major talent, and when we introduce who the 3rd Dolz is, well it's gonna blow your mind that this kind of talent has come together to do this together with me. Mark my words, the 4 of us are gonna set the horror world on fire, and The Deadly Dolz will be a household name to all horror fans in a very short few years. I'm not going to brag and tell you about the things that we already have in the works or the things that are coming. When the horror world and all my wonderful friends found out what I was planning on doing, the buzz started.
One of the big things that we have been working on this last couple of months is really getting to know each other, learning about each others lives, the mistakes we have all made, the enemy's we have out there and we have bonded in a major way. I'll have you a piece of Deadly Dolz art by the end of the week and a logo too. I am also going to do a logo for a friend of mine.
Speaking of getting the studio set up, Cheryl bought me my first canvas, which is good luck for your loved one to do for you. I paid for all the other things, like my new easel and lots of things, but it was important that she got my first canvas. I am trying to figure out now what I want to paint on it. lol What I mean is that when i paint in oils, I really want to let another part of me come out. When I paint on the comp, that will mainly be for my publishing work. But it is darn exciting to be able to draw with pencils and paint with oils again. The paintings I do on canvas will be the ones I take to shows, along with prints of the comp stuff.
I was trained to draw my painting out on paper, and then transfer it to a sheet of Masonite. It's okay doing it that way, but I want to give canvas a try for a while. I am also going to take some pictures of the studio soon, so you can see what it looks like. Personally I love to see other artist set-ups, because the environment you create for yourself to work in is very important. I'm getting ready to do a long haul, and I am going to be living in the dungeon working like a wild man.
We had a wonderful Valentines weekend. Madison and I went to Chili's to eat, and then went Karaoke Friday night, and today, me and the kids all made her hand made cards to go with the presents I got for her. I got her this really pretty "dark" looking necklace that she loves, and of course plenty of candy. The bad news is that she has to work tonight, and that bites. But, keeping the money coming in is important. I am very actively looking for a good agent now. I feel like I am ready to break into some of the large markets, and you need an agent for that. So far I have been getting some awesome feedback from most of the ones I have contacted. I still haven't found one that specializes in the Dark/ horror type of stuff, but i know there out there, and I will find them.
My friends, it's been a long day and I am about to chill out with a good movie and a bowl of Ice Cream! I just want you all to know that I really appreciate all the support I get from you all. Your all just awesome. Next time around I'll have some new art for you. Peace and Blessings.

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