Friday, May 14, 2010

Zombie Kitties!

      So how do all of you like my pet Zombie kitties? They are really quite sweet, and they take care of and feed themselves. lol. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed painting them. Next up is a book cover for one top lady horror writers in the business. I'll tell you who she is in the next blog, but i am loving the cover. I've always wanted to paint a Jinn and I am getting my chance. How many of you remember the "Wishmaster" movies?
     I got a lot of cool things going on that i want to tell you about, and then there is just things i want to give you some advice on and other things to get off of my chest. So lets start with the cool stuff. About 6 months ago,  Horrorbound online magazine did a feature on me, and now they want to do a second one, which will be in the July Issue.  Second up, on June the 6th, Sunday night at 7:30 est, I will be interviewed on a blog radio station.  I don't know how long I will be on there, but I would guess at least an hour. I will post the link for that soon, it will be great to hear from my friends out there and be live on the radio with me.  The 3rd thing is that one of my very favorite horror writers Joseph D'lacey will be doing a feature on me and a interview for "Horror Reanimated"  I am so excited about all of this I'm about to bust! I can't even remember how many times this past 12 months I have been interviewed. I truly lost count. I am going to work on making a list of them for the website. I know it has been over 12 times, and my work is everywhere.
    This is a notice to all publishers. I have cut my prices down to where any of you can afford me.  These are hard times for everyone, and I love to paint.  So don't be afraid to write me and ask what I would charge to do a cover for you, i will work with your budget.
     Okay, the big news. I have decided that I am not going to go forward with the Deadly Dolz project. I'm not mad at anyone, and I love the girls like sisters, and I will continue to work with them, but I am getting so many opportunities to do cover work for publishers that I have always dreamed of doing that I don't want to say no to that.  The girls are going forward with the project, and they plan on doing a lot on film, and I will still do paintings of them, but only when I get a break.  Suzi has already been in 4 or 5 of my paintings, and i just did the first on of Jane.  I want to do some more of Jane as Spooky, and Suzi will always show up in my paintings, and other models as well. I am going to be doing a painting of Roxsy Tyler pretty soon, as soon as I get some of these book covers done. I will be like the proud father watching his kids becoming huge stars. Another factor in this is the traveling. I don't like to travel like I used to. If I am going to do conventions it will be in Chicago, Detroit, or Columbus Ohio.  All just a few hours from me, and the girls are going to be traveling alot, all over the world.  I'm not saying I want travel somewhere to be with them, but it would only be once a year.
      Now to get that thing off my chest.  Admittedly when I was younger, I was a hothead and a drunk.  But as I got older i started asking myself, is this the way you would want children and people to remember me. So, I started to change.  You very rarely see or hear me use curse words. I quit drinking and smoking, and I think before I say something when I know someone is listening. I started putting ethics and morals above all else I have had a lot of people attack me, but I never say anything public about it anymore, only if I am asked in private. Saying bad things about a person, just because you don't agree with them, is bad for everybody.  I love this business, and I only intend to do positive things  that will help it grow.  There are bad people in whatever business you may be in, and if you run into one of them, just walk away. Don't put them down or say bad things about them. In the end, it makes you look like the trouble maker.  Karma does work. I have seen people that did  me very wrong careers go down in flames. In the end, we all get what we deserve.  You just work hard,  avoid trouble and slezzebags and hold your hand out to those that need help, and good things will come to you. Be patience.
"May the Darkness Comfort you."


Anonymous said...

The Zombie Kitties are gruesomely delightful – and self sufficient too! What could be better – it could be rather dangerous trying to feed them without losing various limbs!

Congrats on the upcoming features and especially the one by Joseph D’Lacey – his work is amazing!
Question: If you actually do bust then the Kitties will help clean up – right?!?!

The Deadly Dolz project is awesome – but push comes to shove – when you have a chance to grab one of your big dreams with both hands then you HAVE to go with it. I am sure everyone is so happy for you that you are able to do this – the same as they will be continuing with their own dreams.
Karma does work – there is little point in increasing bad Karma for yourself. You admit to changing a lot – and now your dreams are coming to fruition. Grab your dreams – fit in others when you can! When your heart is happy and your mind focused – it is funny how many other things seem to slot into place!
May the darkness envelop you and your dreams in the nicest way!

Nick Rose said...

Hey Kymm! Thank you so much for the kind words. As far as the kitties go, I know they would clean up the mess. As it is, I think they would eat me without exploding. I just make sure they never get hungry! lol
Kymm, it is friends like you that keep me going and encourage me to keep on painting. Thank you for that and have a wonderful weekend!