Sunday, May 2, 2010

A new look/ WIP

      Hello my friends.  Below is a sneak peak of a painting in progress.  I am at about the halfway point with it.  This is one I am doing just for fun and for prints. I don't get to do that to often, and if I had a wild dream, it would be that I just painted what I wanted and someone would always buy the print rights.  As far as I know, Frazetta is the only artist out there that has that luxury.
      A lot of good and wonderful things have been going on around here lately.  For one, Madison is really working very hard on the writer thing.  An agent has already shown interest in her and told her the things she needed to work on, and she is. I've said it before, Madison will be one of the big names of the future. She is very talented and all she has to do is hone her skills a little bit.  I would imagine being a writer is a lot like being an artist in the respect that you are always learning.  Madison has already taught me a lot about writing and I know I have a lot to learn, because I do have some books coming up that I have to write.
      The search for the 3rd Deadly Dolz is still going on.  We have had some talented ladies to try out but we are still looking.  The most important part is being a team player instead of being the center of attention.  But we still have plenty of candidates to talk too.  Like I've said before, this is a back burner project that I will work on here and there, but unlike the Dark Angels, It is not going to take all my time away from other projects.  But in the long run, I see it paying off well for the 4 of us.
      My health is definitely improving with each passing day.  I have been working out every day.  The VA sent me a machine that i can use at home to strengthen my legs, arms, stomach and chest and I have access to a huge gym at the VA that has all the state of the art equipment. I can use it anytime I want, which is wonderful since I can't afford to go to a regular gym the way the economy is.  Even if I had the money I would still use the VA one because it is so nice. 
     This coming week, one of my goals is to get the "for sale" part of my website up again. There are going to be some really awesome deals on there  that will make it easy for anyone to own an original piece of art by me. Hopefully next time I blog, I will have a link for you. I also have some prints of stuff from a few years ago that i will be selling CHEAP as well.  For instance 11 x 14 high quality prints will be selling for 5 bucks each, or 3 for 10 dollars.  They originally sold for 20 dollars each.
       I hope to get done with this painting this week, but i am doing a lot of multi-tasking, so we will see. Until next time "May the Darkness comfort you"

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