Monday, February 21, 2011

Learning to live.

       Hello my friends, I am glad that you stopped by to read my blog.  I have some insights I wish to share with you today.  But first, here is finished pencil work for my newest work.  Once again, the model it Tilly Rivers. One of the best models in the world, hands down.  If you wish to purchase a print of it or any of my work, click HERE.  To the person who sent the anonymous  letter to my blog,  Tilly owns 50% of all the model work that she has ever done. She was very smart in making this part of her contract with each photographer she has done work with throughout her career.  If you read the news release that is posted on my website under "Media" you will see that she made a news release to CNN stating that I am to be the last person she will ever model for and gave me full rights to all of her photo's that I could use. Seriously, you should worry about your affairs instead of mine. 

     Normally I would be further along with a painting by now, but lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting and learning. I have found that with the decisions I made concerning my career that I am able to approach everything differently. I don't have to be in a rush or a panic to get a piece done. I can take the painting at whatever pace I desire. My goals now are simply to do Print work and that is very different than Illustration work. I sell very few prints of any cover or interior assignments I ever did for any publisher, but the pieces I do simply for the love of it sell very nicely and give me a good life.
     Madison got me a nice Treadmill for Valentines day.  I am so thankful for that. I have wanted one for a few months now, but I have had to put buying a lot of art stuff first. I was going to the gym for a while there, but that just became to time consuming each day.  Now with the Treadmill here and weights as well, I can workout every morning before my shower and then I can get straight to work.
    Speaking of work, I am finding myself in a new frame of mind, or a new challenge? I am trying to take my work from being Illustration to being art. I will always paint "Dark" things.  That is who I am, but I am wanting to take my work to a new level and a more expressive and skillful one. I am going to say something now that will probably upset some of you, and for that I am sorry.  Over the years there are artist that I have watched to see how they progress.  A lot of them are friends and a good many are just artist I run across frequently, but what I am seeing is going against what I have said and thought in the past. I have always believed that if you really work hard at your chosen field that you would constantly grow and improve. I am backing up on that statement now. Most all of my friends I see growing and improving. They where born with the gift and it is obvious, but their a lot of people that have some talent but it is not growing. I am not sure why.  Could it be that they feel they know it all and have nothing left to learn? Is there a limit to talent?  Do some people get more than others?  If so, that is so unfair.  Is it the same with writers, musicians, actors and so on?
     I find it inconceivable that anyone would quit learning, especially now with so much information available to us all through the Internet. If nothing else the Internet has become the greatest tool for us all to learn, if that is what you desire. I can't imagine a day that I was not thirsting to learn new things. I get frustrated because I don't have more time to study and learn. I really kick myself for not taking school more seriously. But when your young..... you know. lol 
    I am not sure where I am going with this, but I am on a artist group and have been for many years. I rarely comment, but I do watch all the artist there as they post new works and I saw one yesterday post something new. I have been watching this artist for about 7 years now, and in all of that time, I have seen very little to any growth. It is very sad, so this has been on my mind.
    Time to get to work my friends, but I hope you will stop by the store and look at the prints we are offering. You can even get a Giclee if you want. Have a great week my friends, "May the Darkness Comfort you"

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