Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There are thorns.....

     Hello my friends.  I do apologize for the length between blogs this time.  The truth is I was going through a very difficult time because of depression. It seems that my life is so full of highs that I must suffer through lows as balance I suppose.  It is not something I like, but I don't know how to avoid it. I think this is true with most all creative people. Luckily these days I do have some real people in my life that know how to help me through these times.  I wasn't so fortunate a few years ago. I will come back to this, but first I have some big news to share with you.
   There is no way you can work in the horror gender and not know who  April Burril is, or better know as "Chainsaw Sally" Guess what?
Did you guess yet? lol. Last week I got a "Tweet" from April and she said she would be interested in doing something together.  I gave some thought to it for about 2 seconds and wrote back to her and told her "Sure"  
April has starred in countless horror movies with various companies and she has her own web TV show going into its 3rd season and the list just goes on and on. Truly one of the legends of the business and One of the Best known Scream Queens in history. So to say I that I am truly honored that she likes my work and wants to work with me is the understatement of the year. I am thrilled to tell you that we are going to do 2 paintings to start with. I will start on the first one in about 6 weeks. 
The first one will be a "Chainsaw Sally" painting, and the second one will be
a painting of April in one of her other roles.  I spent most of the morning going through tons of photo's of her to find the ones I think will be great for  paintings. Who knows, we could decide to do more than 2 paintings. Her husband, and the man behind "Chainsaw Sally" Jimmyo is quite the artist himself.
     A lot of really great things are coming up for this year and new doors are being opened for me and I am getting to work in new areas I have always wanted to work in, but never had the chance before. 
     The bad news is that I had to put the "Steampunk" painting I showed you last week on the back burner for a few months. I have several paintings to get out that have priority over it. I will come back and finish it though, no worries. I  got so bogged downed with doing the convention and then depression that I just ran out of time. It is a very detailed painting and is going to take about 3 weeks to finish and I just don't have time for that now.
    I have came out of the depression, but that lasted almost 2 months and now I know for sure that Madison loves me or she would have never been able to deal with me during that time. It looks like I have finally found the life mate meant for me.  So hear is the new painting in progress. I am still not quite done with the pencil work yet, but it is coming along very well. I should have this one done within 2 weeks.

    Once again, this painting features model and dear friend "Tilly Rivers" and yes, the same Tilly Rivers best selling author and super model. She has retired from modeling now, but has given me the rights to use all the photo's ever took of her during her career. So trust me, just the Tilly paintings are going to be awesome and will be featured in a book of there own somewhere down the road. I am hoping to do the same with Suzi Lorainne. I have used her in about 8 paintings now. It takes time, but the numbers and art do build up in time.
    The best part is my health has improved 1000% percent over this last year, and Madison is buying us a Treadmill for Valentines. I am so excited about that. I love doing the Treadmill.  I pretend I am a hamster and.... lol, just kidding my friends. But between that and the weights I bought a few months ago, I will be able to keep strong and not have to leave home. My time is priceless to me. I just don't have enough time in the day anymore. I try to take at least 1 hour at night for myself and watch my favorite new old show, "Two and a Half Men"  I so love DVR. It truly lets you live life more on your terms. For instance, I can watch my shows when I want to now, instead of when they come on.
    If you have noticed, the new piece is more like the old me, myself more so now than before. I kind of got away from the "Dark" work for a while there, and I think a lot of my depression came from that. I have already made up my mind to re-do "Dragon Mystress" for the 5th time now, because although most of you really liked it, I didn't feel like it has the dark edge I wanted for it, so i told Tilly I was redoing it, using the same pose. I loved her pose for it, I just didn't like the rest. Just a  note, Tilly and I are very tight friends. We really understand each other very well and are very much alike. We truly are "Kindred" 
    Madison and I both are very excited about her visit coming up in a couple of months or less now. We are hoping that George P comes up this way to do some photography as well. We have really become very fond of him as well. (He has the coolest stuff!)  I love for my other brother George to come for a visit as well. Maybe he can make it for the wedding.
   My friends, if you don't mind I want to talk about some "Sensitive" issues now. If you don't want to read about them, then this would be the time to say "Bye" until next week. There are 2 things I want to talk about, and both are very personal to me and to some of you I would imagine, especially the creative ones.
    The first is not a huge deal, but something I want to say to some of you.  I love everyone here, and yes I do mean even the "Old Friends" I don't consider you enemies or bad people anymore. I have grown up I suppose. My mind is always on the people I love and my art these days. I truly wish the best for you. If I write about something that is bothering me, please don't take it personal. If I was trying to attack you, wouldn't I say your name or point to your websites?  In truth, I have opinions, and I like any American am allowed to express them. I do apologize if you don't agree with me. I don't expect everyone to agree with me or accept my word as the gospel. So ease up and just do what you always do and be happy. I am not trying to hurt anyone. Just the opposite actually.
     Madison told me that when I tell you all about the things I have going on, that some of you may think I am bragging or worse. I assure you, that is not true. For those of you that have known me for a couple of years or longer now, know that I am like a big kid. I get excited when cool things happen, like the deal with April. It's like giving me a big piece of candy for doing well at my work. I just want to share with all of my friends. The people that love me and what I do. To me, it is like we are getting these cool things together and i want you to be part of it to. You have all encouraged me and believed in me that I just want you to fell like these are your blessings as well.  
     The other thing, which is much more serious, is depression. Depression will kill you if you let it and don't get a handle on it. One of the big things that had me in a depression was that, once again, I had found myself in a situation I did not want to be in. I found myself doing things that I did not want to do. I found myself letting other people tell me how to be myself. Madison did try to tell me this was happening, and like the hard headed man I am, I did not want to listen.
     Well, I got rid of those people, and I decided to go back to square one. This time I am not making no plans. I want to be like the dog that the "Joker" talks about in "Dark Knight"  When I do good and life throws me a bone, I want to enjoy that bone until the next one comes my way.  I just want to chase cars and see how many I can catch. lol Making plans concerning my art just doesn't work for me. I feel restricted or I feel like I am damning myself to a path instead of the whole field.
     So my mindset is now just simply to do what I feel like doing, and if I don't want to do something, I want. I will do my best to keep the blog regular (as far as being weekly) but I am not going to promise that. We'll just see how it goes and how busy I am.  I will continue to teach when it is possible, and I will keep working on the books and video's when I am motivated to do so, but not when I am not. I am going to be a free spirit and let the air under my wings take me to where ever it is the wind takes you.
     I know some of you may be upset about this decision, but those of you that really just care about me will understand and support my insanity. I will tell you this though, I have some really awesome idea's for some artwork, and this year will be very different from any other. You are going to see me expand into some new things more like art you may see in galleries. I am thinking that either this year or next I am going to start doing some sculpture work too. A lot of my friends are doing that and I am thinking I would really like to give it a shot as well.
     Well, I've rambled on long enough this time. I do hope that each and every one of you are having a wonderful and loving Valentines day as we are here in the "Rose Mansion" lol.  "May the Darkness Comfort You"

      Darn, I forgot. One of the big things that is happening is that I am licencing my art out to companies that make prints for me. You are now able to buy my work on canvas as well as paper and you can buy prints up to 5 foot tall if you want. They do every type of print of every quality of my work. They will even frame it for you if you want. It's not cheap, but I an not be doing "Cheap" prints anymore. I do art for a living and the people who buy my work mostly are collectors. I want to offer them high quality versions of my work. To go to this store, on the very top of the right hand column is the link to my business partners. There will be more coming soon. Places that you can buy T-shirts and all. Peace and Blessings.

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