Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Key.......

    Hello my friends. I am so happy to be here with you again. It think it safe to say now that my health has improved greatly and the reason for my illnesses has been dealt with. As an artist, I love to draw and paint all types of images. I love to express myself in a lot of ways. One of my biggest joys is doing portraits. Here is a new one of a dear friend, Deborah Collard.....
Deborah and I have been friends for several years now and we have had some wonderful times together. She took me on my first "real" ghost hunt at Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Alabama. It was filmed as well. I was a "guest star"  Even Patrick Burns was there for the event. That and all the time I spent in Birmingham was without a doubt some of the best times of my life so far. There are a lot of awesome people in "Bamaham" as I like to call it. lol
       Speaking of portraits, they are one of the best training things a artist could do. It really develops you "artist eye"  For instance, if you are drawing or painting a car or a landscape, if you get it a little wrong, no one can really tell unless they have a really good eye. But if you don't get a portrait right, then it doesn't look like the person you are drawing or painting. There is no room for mistakes and how well you do a portrait proves and shows how good you really are as an artist.  So I encourage any artist reading this to make doing portraits part of your normal routine, that is if you really want to be the best you can be, and personally I can't imagine a person not wanting to be the best they can be. Isn't that one of the points of living?
    I am going to give the artist reading this a gift. The best gift I could ever give any of you. I am going to tell you the "big" secret. The one that can make you great, the one that will separate you from the rest of the pack. The one that will change your life as an artist forever, I am going to give you the key. 
   Why, you ask?  Why not?  I am not a selfish person and the last thing I am worried about is someone taking what I have. That is ridiculous. There is only one me and one person that can paint and draw the way I do. I have my audience, and you have yours. So why not share this with you? Although you may not understand it right now, but if you do what I tell you, you will in time.  An when you do, you will be able to learn in ways you never have before and my friend, you will soar and become something very special.
    So here it is.  When I first started training under the Master, I was more grateful than I can ever put into words. I still am, and I always will be.  By doing what I am doing right now, I am keeping the promise I made to him.  I figured I would be going to school per say, and that I would have tons of lessons to do. I also figured I would have to do a lot of studying and everything else that goes with it, and I did. Most all of those lessons I am happy to share with you, but the lessons and the studying is not what me start growing in leaps and bounds, and I still am. I am no where near my potential.  I am very excited about everything I do because I know with each new piece I grow and learn things that no one had to teach me.
    When I was telling Daniel how grateful I was for all that he was doing for me, he simply said to me "I am just opening the door to the knowledge that is already inside of you. I am just turning the key, you are the one that is teaching."  I was blown away by that and had no frigging idea of what the heck he was talking about, until 4 years later.
    I am going to tell you a few very simple things to do, and you do them on a regular basis. Make it part of your day, part of your routine.  First, study nature and everything in between. I mean REALLY look at things and study them. See how the light works on the object, learn to see what colors are really in something. Do you think that something that is white is really white? Look closely, very closely.  Do this everyday with everything you can. Eventually you will get it.
   Nature is by far the greatest teacher there is for us. Everything you need to know about color, values, composition, perspective and contrast schemes is there. Just learn to see it, and then learn to draw it how your eyes see it.  Once you learn to draw it, you will be able to paint it.
   By no means are you going to become awesome overnight, like all things, it takes time. But what I am telling you now will put you on the right path.
   Next thing is to learn to draw people. Learn to do quick studies of a persons body language. I sit with a sketch pad while watching a sports program, and I quickly sketch what I am seeing. By doing this you are learning to draw with a "relaxed" feel. This will really help you with your anatomy and all that goes with it, and like I said before, do portraits.
   There is more that I will tell you as we go, but for now, just work on these things. Reading is good too, study everything you can. Hell, Youtube has some awesome "How to" video's  to watch.  Now honestly, not everything you are going to read or see in a demonstration is right. That is for you to decide if it will work for you and if your comftable with it. Take what you need and leave the rest behind.
   So that is all for this blog, next time I see you, I will have some pictures of the New "Chainsaw Sally" painting in the works.
  Blessed Be and "May the Darkness Comfort You"

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