Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New painting and more major news.....

       Hello my friends. Thank you for sharing your time with me once again.  I have been very busy again and a lot of things are happening that are really amazing. But lets start with the painting above. It is an oil painting and measures 17 x 22 inches. It is called "Dark Fairy" and you can purchase prints of any size and quality at this link.  The model is Superstar Tilly Rivers, and the original already has a home.
      The next painting coming up will be one of the "Chainsaw Sally" paintings. I am working on a couple of portraits at the moment as well. One of my friend and Ghost Hunter Deborah Collard and the other is an Oil Painting of Tilly.
      After I finish the first painting of April "Sally" I will be starting a painting for a new client, Kane Hodder.  That's right Kane Hodder. I have a agreement with him to paint him as much and as often as I want. If you watch horror movies, you know that Kane is the present day version of Lon Chaney, the man of 1000 faces. Kane has played countless monsters on the big screen, including Jason of Friday the 13th, and his most recent movies  "Hatchet" and 'Hatchet 2"  Here are a few stills of Mr. Hodder.

  This next one is from Hatchet 2
   I don't know about you all, but I think this is about as cool as it gets. I am going to paint Kane in all types of ways, including a painting for his Biography coming out in Oct.
   All the agreements are signed and this is the beginning of a series of paintings that I am going to be calling "The New Masters of Horrors' and I will be working with a lot more of the greatest horror stars of our time.  BOOM!  Just like that, another dream comes true.
    If I seem a little giddy tonight, I am. lol. I have been working long hours again and taking care of a lot of business. I have found me a printer that I think I will be letting handling all my printing needs. They showed me some samples today of prints from my work, and I felt like they where very impressive. Another great thing is that can print the pencil work I do for my paintings for me, so I can paint a copy of the pencils instead of the original pencil work. That means I can sell my pencil work for my paintings now and get an extra few hundred dollars for my work.
    I took some new pictures of my studio setup, since I added a second easel I would like to share with you.
  I took these pictures starting with the left side of the room working my way to the right wall. The drawing area is behind where I am taking these pictures from. What you are seeing in these pics are about 1/3rd of the studio.
     Here you can see where I added the second easel. The large canvas is for Tilly's Portrait. I know some of you could care less about this, but as an artist I find it cool to see how artist set up their work aera's.
   You can see in the corner where I have my computer, scanners, and printers all set up.
    I really like the green light at night. It gives the studio a cool feel to it.  Personally I feel like your studio needs to be a happy place for you, if you spend the majority of your life in it like I do. Now I just need to get some of those artificial trees like I use to have back in NC before I moved.
    Next week when you her from me, I'll have plenty of new work including the start of the "Chainsaw Sally" painting. So until then, Love and Hugs. "May the Darkness Comfort you"

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