Friday, August 9, 2013

Pirates and more, a rose at your door

Hello my friends!

I'm a complete pirate kick right now, as our little ghost ship will tell you and the last three posts too.  This one is a water color I just got finished.  If you want it it's 175.00 first come first serve.  It was a lot of fun to make, and I find myself growing in the water color medium with every painting I do. 

For those who don't know, water color is challenging, not only for it's consistency but for it's translucent nature.  If you aren't an artist and have never worked with something like this, let me describe it to you, and tell you that you can get a feel for it by trying to guide a droplet of water around a piece of paper into a smiley face or something.  Then factor in that you need to do that sometimes many times over to get the boldness of color you want, you'll get the feel for what I mean. 

If pirates aren't your thing and you are ready so see me go back into some horror work then this next piece is going to thrill you. 

A friend of mine brought this piece up to me a little while ago, the bottom picture is an old digital piece I did back in 2010.  I call him "Spooner".  The top picture is kind of a clue for you to let you know I'm working on doing it in oils.  I'm kind of excited, and think this might be better than the original work.  I'll be updating it soon, and we might have it ready to show you for my next blog post. 

One more thing before I go, a good friend of mine, Lisa Brandel, was just featured in an online art magazine.  Art by the Hour Magazine, featuring Lisa Brandel  She's a good friend of mine and I've watched her develop her art since the beginning. 

That's all for today my friends.  I'm getting my stride back as you can tell.  It's crazy to think that just six months ago I was in a terrible dark place.  Now things are going great for me.  It just goes to show you that if you hold on, and keep working everything can change for the better.

May the darkness comfort you,


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