Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rose in bloom

Hello my friends!

I have been a productive and busy person this week.  My body made me take two days off, which I filled with some relaxation and television.  I needed the rest, I work until my body makes me rest, but that's ok.

In art right now I have pirates on the brain!  You remember last week I posted Ghost ship.  This week, I have a sexy pirate lady.  It's days like this that I love my job.

The top picture you see me (and I feel like I've aged ten years this year)  with the finished piece. Then the finished piece below it.  I'm selling it for a super low price of 125.00 first come first serve. 

I am also looking for a Kindle book padd if you or anyone you know has one, I am willing to barter something for one.  I have over 500 art books, and would really like to put them in a form where when I move I don't have to bust myself up. 

I'm feeling stronger all the time, and can now push myself more in my work than I've been able to.  I have a fire in my heart to get my career back on track, and then get down to see my daughters.  I feel really blessed to be back on the road.

Now I have to tell you there is a good friend of mine who could really use some help.  Her name is Michelle, and she is facing cancer.  Help Mighty McT kick cancer's ass  That link will take you to her fund raiser page, and if you can't donate share it for her.  We all need a little help up from time to time.

So until next week, May the darkness comfort you...


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