Monday, December 21, 2009

Okay, one more......

Well, I thought the last blog was going to be the last one until after Christmas, but then today I got word that this painting was going to hit the stands on January 15th. It's one of my older paintings and was purchased by Necrotic Tissue magazine as "Pick up"art. To make this even more special, this will be the first issue of the magazine in Print. The past issues where web-magazines. You can order your copy here My guess is that this is going to be a major collectors Item, so you might want to get yours asap. Another note is that this was done before I started training under Master Horne.
You know in my last post that I was gonna talk about some "dirt" that happened this year in my end of the year blog. But let me a little more specific on what I am going to say. For one, I am not going to drag anyone name through the mud, nor I am going to hint at who they are. The only reason I am going to do this is at all is for two reasons. The first is that I want people who are new to this field to know up front, that yes, if your talented enough and work hard enough, you can be very happy doing this for a living, but there are tons of sharks out there that will do ANYTHING to use you and steal from you, cheat you, you name it, and they will do it unless you learn to spot them. One of my biggest problems is that in the past I have had trouble spotting these types. But Cheryl (Madison) has really helped me with this, and when she tells me that someone is trouble, I listen. An I have been happier ever since.
The trouble with the majority of us creative types, writers, film makers, artist ect is that there is this little kid inside of us, and in my mind, that's where the imagination comes from. But it also gets us in trouble because we get so excited when someone wants us to do something that we think is really cool and put good sense aside. Or at least, It's been that way with me. I think that's where a lot of my darkness comes from. The Child in me has been hurt, used, lied to and abused. That's why, no matter what I draw, there is something there. A lot of the time it is the emotion I draw in a character's face or something about the place and the lighting.
An when these sharks come along and do these things to me (us) there is a big part of me that just wants to beat the living hell out of them. These last 10 years I have learned not to want to be violent, but just draw what I feel instead and that really seems to help get it out, but the damage is done and the child is hurt once again.
The second reason is more practical. I hope by sharing things with you, it will help you to not make the mistakes that I have. Here are a few hints for the young people that I hope will help you on your journey. Unless your dealing with a mainstream company, check out their website. If they have a chat room, go there and just listen. I do that while I am working. Most of the time, you hear positive things and learn about a company that you may want to work with. Remember as a free lancer you need to build a good client list. I have said this many times and I will say it again. Always show good manners and respect. No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better that wants what you have.
When you do a google search on a potential client, check all the main links, because someone may have put a tag on a blog naming the company. I have a 3 strike rule. If on line I find 3 legitimate complaints by different sources, then I strike them off my consideration list. But make sure the people who are making the negative statements are truly legit. You would be surprised at how many people's ego can't take rejection and act like idiot's when they are turned down.
Normally I don't promote group sites to get work for various reasons, but I make an exception with Facebook. I joined Facebook a year ago, and since then I have not had to look for work, at all and I am already booked till March already. One of the many reasons I like facebook is that when you friend someone, you can learn a lot about them by reading their profile. But the biggie is that you can chat with Publishers, Art Directors and all the markets you want to work in. You have the chance to get to know these people and actually become friends. Without Facebook, you do not this kind of opportunity. Plus you can get to know your favorite artist, writers, movie stars and so much more. If your not on Facebook and want to work in the fields I do, then join Facebook. Promoting yourself is major in this business. If you are shy, take drama. You need to learn to be sociable and have confidence in yourself.
Next time I see you, I will have some sketches to show you on a new painting. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Holiday. Peace and Blessings everyone and Merry Christmas.


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