Friday, December 11, 2009

The ways things are going............

Hello my friends. I hope you all are staying warm. It's cold as heck up her in the mitten state! lol Thank goodness, I work inside these days. The fellow above is named 'Kannon" and he is the star of a book called "The Anti-Palidin" soon to be published by the Evil Nerd Empire. It is part of a painting in which I showed you the other player in the post before the last one. Now this is just the color sketch, so don't think I'm done yet. Right now I am working on the background, which is the interior of a church. Hopefully next time I blog, it will be done, or close. A couple of things to remember when you are drawing or painting something like this, first always remember to make the hero or villains hands larger and stronger that the models hands are that you are using, and also remember in the real world, armor, weapon, clothing, whatever is always going to have wear, so when you draw and paint them, dent things up, dull them, tear them. Make them believable. It is one of the steps to breathing life into your work.
As I have told you before, Cheryl is writing now, and she put up a website. Go here and check it out. I think she did a wonderful job. I am also adding a link to the right side bar for future reference as well. You'll notice on her site that she mentions a new contest that I am having 7 times a year. I will post all the details over the weekend, and if your a member of the international fan club, you will be getting a letter about as well. The prizes will be original paintings, drawings and prints all personalized to the winners. I am very flattered to have so many of you in the 2 fan clubs. Between the 2, there are almost 5000 fans. That just knocks this ole country boy on his butt when he thinks about that. Considering most of my life I've had to hear from my "family" (except Dianne and her children) what a loser i was. Thank goodness I believed in myself when no one else did.
Some times I wonder just how many people from all the past years keep up with my career, if any. I really would like to hear from you if your there. I haven't changed and i would really like to know how you all have been. The years pass quickly.
This year is approaching its end, and a new year will soon be here. I can say honestly, without a doubt, this has been the best year of my life. I found love and my career found me. In the next few blogs I'm going to fill you in on behind the scenes of this year. About my life and about my job and some of the people I've worked with this year. I already know that next year is going to be awesome, and it will also mark the return of Nick Rose to the Convention circus. Yes I meant to say circus. I love seeing the fans, but god, I hate being on the road, running into "old" friends that you really just want to beat the hell out of, but you have to smile and say "How have you been?"
The one thing about me is that i am not a phony. I say what I mean, and I don't play games, but I do take care of business. My biggest downfall is that I want to believe in people, and a lot of times when I do that, their conning me, but Cheryl has really been helping me to see people for what they really are. I have made some wonderful friends this year and have really expanded my horizons as the saying goes. An since we moved into the new home, I have been loving that as well. You wouldn't believe how much studio space I have now. Now I can set things up the way I've always wanted, but never had the space, including a place to package up mail orders we get for prints and originals, as well as a spot to set up permanently to shoot models.
What I am trying to get across in this blog, is that life has really been great to me this year. Sure there has been some bad things happen, and my health was touch and go there for a little while, but now i feel good most every day, and now I am going to start exercising again to make myself even stronger. I hope that all of you are having a wonderful holiday season, and remember, I don't bite, if you want to know something, just ask. Peace and Blessings.


Jess Gulbranson said...

Holy crap!

Nick Rose said...

I could go some many places with that Jess. Lmao, especially since the background is inside a church!

Geo said...

i look forward to seeing this finished.

Nick Rose said...

It's getting there brother!