Sunday, December 20, 2009

Probably the last post till christmas.

Hello friends. I want to wish you all a wonderful, happy and safe Holidays. I've been very busy and getting ready to start a new painting today. It will be the second one for the AntiPalidin Book for The Evil Nerd Empire. The one directly above is the first one. The top illustration is something I did about a year ago, and when i was looking at it the other day I saw mistakes that I had made, and decided to spend a day fixing them. I think it looks much better than the first way I did it.
I've really been getting the itch to do some steampunk work. When I first did the above piece, I really didn't understand what Steampunk was about. I've been listening to a Band called Abney Park, and they really have a Steampunk sound and look, and they have been inspiring me to head into Steam Punk. You can check them out here. So this coming year you will be seeing me doing Steampunk samples along with my normal work. Steampunk horror.... hmmmmmm sounds interesting.
On to other things. We are going to have a contest on my fan sites. It will be a bimonthly and it will be about stories, art and video that fans make of a piece of art I put up. The winners will get free prints and free original. There will be a 7th contest as well, and it will be all the winners from that year to determine the very best. The winner will get a free oil painting of my chose. We have the judges already and now all I have to do is list the rules and post them. Look for this the first week of Jan. I am also going to talk to my publishers to see if they will kick in some prizes as well, like a book with my art and so on.
This has been a awesome year for me, and next week, I am going to review it for you, and tell you some of the "dirt" that went on behind the scenes. I can think of 4 people right now that my statement made their blood pressure shoot up about 50 points. The problem is this. In this field, like any other, you have con artist and crooks. At some point someone has to put a end to their bull. If gone unchecked, they will keep doing what their doing, which is ripping off artist and writer and in one case I know off, try to take credit for a story written by a very famous writer friend of mine, and he put my art with it to. He made it look like he did both. We had his site pulled in a matter of hours, but something tells me this creep hasn't learned his lesson.
The thing is that when young artist and writers try to break into this field, 80% of them have to climb the ladder, which takes years. Along the way, their are so many Vultures waiting to take advantage of you and steal from you. When you do run across a publisher that pays you and treats you good, you do what it takes to keep working for them. You will find that the more successful publishers have built a family like atmosphere among it's talent pool.
Well, time to get busy now. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Peace and Blessings.

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