Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I AM a Work in Progress.

My darling here is a small part of a larger painting. She is not done yet, nor really close. She still has a little cuteness left in her and that just want do. When I done with this one, I promise, you will have nightmares. You probably don't understand this but at Gen-con 3 years ago, a gypsy woman told me things, and about a half of those things have come to pass, just the way she said they would. So since she was so right about those things, I can only guess that the ones yet to come will come to pass.
So, how have you all been? Wonderful i hope. With the coming of the new decade, new chapters have and will begin in most of our lives. From my point of view, it's going to be one heck of a ride, and it took all of these years to get me to the point where I could do what is coming. But life is about growth and experience, and learning from your mistakes, and Lord knows I have made my share of them.
I am going to be doing much more horror from here on out. I got to be honest, doing Fantasy art just bites the big one to me. I used to love it years ago, but the subjects are always boring. Either it's a hero or anti-hero, brooding or fighting someone, and oh yes, throw in the sexy girl. Now doing Dragons and that sort of thing can be fun but the 'hero" part of it bores the hell out of me, and takes me 3 times as longer to do because I am not excited about doing it. But there was a time that I did enjoy it, I guess I have just "grown" and want do shocking and scary things now days.
Well, got to get to work. It's been a bad day as far as getting going, and I need to get some work done. Peace and Blessings.


Geo said...

thats creepy now !

Nick Rose said...

Thanks buddy! Wait till the whole thing is done. you really inspired me with your use of values in your Yoda Painting.