Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's learn something.

Hello friends. Thank you for stopping by. Before i say anything else, I want to share a art tip with you that are learning. (Well, we're always learning. If your not your wasting your time) The most important thing in any drawing, painting, or any type of art is values. Your work is only as good as the values are. I am going to put a longer version of this on my website, and try to update the lesson part of my website once a month, but for now try to understand this, and if you don't, write me at . I will be happy to answer your questions and normally will answer your letter within 24 hours. If your an artist or beginner, hopefully you know what a value scale is. Normally they go through 1 to 10, 1 being the lightest. In color you want to work in the range of 3 through 8. Only use white for the glint in the eye or on a bead of sweat, and don't use black at all. Use a mixture of different colors to make your dark. I don't use a set combo, because my darkest colors depends on whether it is a warm or cool color and also what is in the background. If you can learn to use the 3 through 8 method, your work will come alive. Learn this.
Another quick tip is that when you paint eyes, you paint the outside of the eyeball with warm colors, like red, but as you work to the iris, switch to cool colors. Doing this and learning to put a "glint" in the eye will make the eyes follow you through the room and look life like. This is a trick taught to me by Master Horne.
That contest I am entered in ends tomorrow, so if you haven't voted yet please go here and vote for me if you enjoy my work. An don't forget about the contest on the fan site to win an original painting by me. Deadline for the contest is February 1st and this time it is for the writers out there.
I've been trying to figure out some new resolutions for the new year. Last year I gave up smoking and drinking. So this year i am going to concentrate on learning, practicing, and trying new things with my art. I mean the main thing for all of us should be to get as good at what you as possible. If your not doing that, then your just existing and not living. I mean to each their own, and I am in no way trying to tell anyone other than me how to live their life. I'm like you, I hate being lectured by some moron who thinks they know whats good for me when i look at their life and it's all f*cked up. But hey, they want to push their advice on you and me.
Artist and writers are bad for this. I keep reading post on Facebook from well known Artist and Writers trying to tell the readers what idiots we have in office. First thing, if you want to put your opinion out there so often, then run for office. Don't talk about it, do something about it.
As an artist, I am so sick of hearing some artist say that" 'sniff sniff' they do digital art, it's not real art". Look, Illustration is COMMERCIAL ART, and in commercial art you do what it takes to get the job done by the timeline and budget you have to work with. Digital art is just another tool for artist to use to meet their deadlines. I do both types of art. I'm an artist, I can create with whatever you give me to work with. So all you sniffer and criers out there, either go to school to learn how to use digital programs, or they are tons of tutorials on using the programs online. If you don't want to do that, then you really don't need to be an COMMERCIAL ARTIST. You need to find a gallery to peddle your work while you starve to death. I for one am sick of hearing you get on a soapbox and cry, "I do real art, and they don't." If you knew anything about digital programs you would know that they(Most of them) take as much talent as doing it the old fashion way. If you want to show you have talent, then learn to do it both ways.
Sorry about that rant, but I get a lot of people that want me to read their blogs, and I read as many as time will allow. But about half of them are just people putting down other people who are trying to do their jobs. My God, no one does their job prefect, but I bet you most people do the best they can. I don't like hearing some nobody tying to pretend they are a somebody by putting down others who are trying.
I try to keep up with the young new talent, and wow, these kids are awesome. I see some training in the traditional ways, and I see other learning Digital, and I see some doing both, which I personally think is a good choice. What some traditional artist don't understand is that programs like Corel Painter works just like doing it traditionally. You only as good as your traditional skills are. You can learn those skills for the most part on the computer, like brush stokes, blending and all of it, but personally I'm glad I learned the old fashion way, but then again I came up at a different time. If I was a young person now, I would probably learned the comp stuff first, so I could make a living, and learned the traditional ways down the road.
I guess the bottom line here is do what works for you, and if you can make a living doing it, that's even better. But don't put down others people because they walk to the beat of a different drummer. Where I come from, that is called prejudice plain and simple. Anytime you have to stand on a soapbox and tell the world why your way is the right way, your prejudice and you really have self-esteem issues. If we as humans could learn that, then this would be a much better world. We could help each other to end hunger and build a better future for every single person on this planet. Oh well, maybe in a thousand years when we learn to quit hating and being jealous of each other. Peace Out.

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