Saturday, April 17, 2010

You all are so awesome!!!!

Hello my friends. The piece above is Based on "Sammy" from the movie "Trick r' Treat" I call it "Sammy unmasked" Basically it is my take on what Sammy would look like unmasked. I like this one, and all my friends do too it seems.
Up next is my first piece of Jane "Spooky" as a Deadly Dolz. Her TV show premiered last night, and as soon as I can get a link for you, I will.
In other huge news, Prinkipria; Tales of the Fantastic published the best interview with me to date, and according to all the comments left on the website, personal letters, and messages to me on FaceBook, my friends where touched by me being so candid and honest about my life and the abuse I had to suffer at the hands of monsters in my childhood. If you want to know more about this dark mind, you can read it here
And to top that off, I am doing another interview this coming week for another name publisher. Wow, now here is another biggie. All my friends know this last year I have really had to struggle with my health. I gave up smoking last year after 40 years of doing it, I finally gave up drinking, completely. I got it down to just a Friday night thing about 6 months ago, and now I have quit that completely as well. Now I am a member of a super cool gym where I can go 3 times a week to work out, and its just a round the corner, and the VA got me one of those exercise bikes as well.
Madison and I started a diet together a few weeks ago, and we are determined to get in great shape. We have some serious plans for the future, and we're gonna be healthy so we can enjoy it all.
I love all of you, but now its time to get back to work! Blessings my friends.


TK Turner said...

Congratulations! You have a lot to be proud of!

Nick Rose said...

Thank you TK. I'm just grateful for the blessings I do have.