Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your DREAM come true..

Hello my friends. I have a huge announcement that could change some young woman's life and give her a destiny she never dreamed of. This is what the deal is. I have created this project we call "The Deadly Dolz". The DD'z are a group of 3 models, each one is unique in their own look and personality. The first DD'z is Spooky, or Jane. Her website is to the right of this post right under the title. Spooky is a TV personality out of Washington DC, The second DD'z is Movie Star and Super Model Suzi Lorraine. Her website is to the right as well, and the painting above is the first DD'z Painting and it features Suzi as the Model.
What the 4 of us will be doing, (yes you could be the 3rd Dolz) is building a future together. Each will be part owner in the company, you will be receiving your percentage of money from Prints, t-shirts, action figures, Dolz, Novels, Graphic novels and perhaps a line of DD'z clothing. The money potential here, well there is no limit. You will be getting a 60/40 cut of any merchandise that features you, and on the things like logo shirts, group prints, or novels will be spilt different and we'll have a different agreement for that. Each idem will be priced differently so its hard to say up front the splint on that, but it will be equal and fair to each member.
The first year will be about providing me with ton's of pictures of you doing anything and everything. You will want to have photo's of you in motion holding weapons, fighting, and being sexy and scary.Keep in mind, we will do sexy, but only pg-13, so no nude photo's. Our goal is reach a mainstream audience and where going to do that with class. During the first year, I will get 3 paintings of each model done. At some point during the year we will put them up for sale. The Average print will sell from 10 to 20$ depending on the size. The first year you will be featured in radio interviews, blog interview, written interviews. Depending on your location, you may be featured in video as well. If you don't have a photographer, I can help you find one in your area.
The second year things will step up, we will feature new merchandise at this point, and The DD'z first novel DD'z will be making personal appearances and more video at this point. We are even considering and talking about a reality TV show featuring the DD'z.
Each year, the company will grow for a very time on your part. Not only will you be famous, you will be securing your future.. Like I said, the first couple of years, just get me tons of photos, so 20 years from now I will have photos of you and can keep producing new art of you.
What I am looking for is a woman with a look all her own that will work good with horror and action. You will have to provide a copy of your Driver licence if we decide to take you to the second level which will be a 2 month probation with Suzi, Jane and Myself on a closed board where we can talk freely, and get to know each other. (We will be checking to make sure you do not have a federal record and have no warrants out on you.) This is probably the biggest part. There will have to be good chemistry between us all. The second thing is you have to be a team player. There is no one star here, we are a team and work like a team.
Just by being part of this, many doors will be opened for you, and you will be encouraged to do them as long as it doesn't conflict with your commitment with the DD'z. You will be expected to follow a code of conduct, such as watching your language in public appearances, interviews, and so one. You have to remember, as a team, people will judge us by the others actions and words.
To Apply, you need to send 4 pictures of yourself, and tell us why you think you would be a good fit for us. Remember, this is a long term commitment, so only apply if you are serious about this. April 30 is the deadline for getting me your pictures and a bio of yourself wickedkittystudio@g-mail.com Good Luck Ladies! If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.

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