Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's great being loved!

         Hello my friends I'm real busy to I need to keep this to the point today.  First up, this is new book cover for Irenia Guajardo  for her new poetry book  "Illuminations of the Soul" She will be announcing soon the release date, and I will post it here. I read a few of the poems and they are pretty spooky . I would think you would really enjoy the book.  
     Now for the really big news. I am featured in  Horror Reanimated this month and I was interviewed that none other that Joseph D'Lacey!  One of Britain's main horror writers! It just don't get any better that than. I have been getting letters from fans all over the world, offering me work, wanting to buy originals. People, my career is so rocking! Not only that i am friends with almost anybody who is anybody in the world of horror, but for a old horror movie fan like myself, that is a major thrill in itself.
    Now, I am putting a state of the art studio in my new home. Now that is going to take some time, but once it is done, you will be seeing oil paintings, large pencil drawing, start of the art prints that will be numbered and signed. Even a press to make my own t-shirts! Life is awesome to me and Madison right now, and there is tonssssssssss of more cool stuff coming.  Just remember my friends, do what your heart tells you, not that little devil on your shoulder. Peace out, and I'll give you an update in  a couple of days. We love you all!  "May the Darkness comfort You!"

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