Sunday, June 27, 2010


     Hello my friends, above is a sketch study of Madison. I am going to do it as a oil painting sometime soon. It is really a wonderful feeling to draw or paint someone you really love. It gives you this really warm feeling  in your heart while you are doing it.  Hopefully i will be getting to the oil part of it soon, but first I am working on a cover for Horrorbound.  This will be my first for them, but if you remember they did a big write up on me a few months ago and I take it  that it got a good response.
    If you haven't seen the new interview that Horror writing great Joseph D'Lacey did with me, you will really want to check it out. I get a little personal again and talk more about the abuse that was dealt to me when I was young. You can read it here 
and please don't be shy and say "hi" The comments are moderated though, just because we have a few people who have really made fools of themselves because of jealously that seem to be stalking me. So, unfortunately I am not allowed on public groups anymore and places where "Crazy" people can attack me and try to embarrasses me.  Everything is wonderful these days and my career and has gone sky high, but a drawback has been that I can't hang out unless I am in an environment that is controlled.
     I do hate that. Those of you that know me, know that I love to hang out and talk shop when I can make time for it. Out of a total of FB fans of 12,000, I have to watch who I talk to because of maybe 5 people. That is such a shame. People need to grow up and learn to work hard and learn if they want to be where I am. It wasn't handed to me on a silver platter. I have been doing this for 32 years, and just the last 2 years did I make it to a level where people enjoy the work I do, and I love doing it. Hopefully somehow, someday things will change to where I can be one of the "guys" again.
    I am going to do some things that I have talked about before, but because of time restraints, I haven't been able to do in the past.  But now everything is changing for the better, and soon, very soon I am going to start an online art class.  The fee to be a student will be 10 bucks a month, and in return you will be in a open classroom environment with all the other students. It will be One night a week for 2 hours,  In that 2 hours I will have lessons worked up to show you, we will critique your newest work, and I guarantee that now matter how good you are, I will make you better. Also you will learn how to find work and all the business stuff that goes with being an artist. This will be for anyone who wants to draw and paint for whatever reason.  I plan to have this in full swing by December, and for 10 bucks a month, you will never get this kind of teaching and education anywhere. You know my work, so you know what I can teach you. We will be working in pencil, acrylics, oils, pen and ink and of course Digital. So if you would, help spread the word around, and give me a shout at to let me know if you are interested, and i will put you on a mailing list to send you updates and all the info you will need to know.
     I also was named artist of the week on this FB page, again, I am honored, I truly am. More and more I am mentioned as a role model and such things, and I really am flattered, but I am a poor role model for anyone. Honestly, I have made big mistakes in my life, made really bad judgement calls and done things I am not proud of in my past. I am older and wiser, an have learned much, but to be honest, If it wasn't for Madison's Wisdom and help, you probably wouldn't know me. But being an artist, musician or anything creative, you are often lead by your passions over good sense and judgement at times. 
     I am really trying hard to learn to keep my opinion to myself, because that sure does get me in trouble a lot of times. I have been seeing a Therapist twice a month for a little while, and already that is helping out a lot. He has me talking about things that I have held inside for so many years, and that is one of the big reasons you are seeing me talk about the abuse I went through as a child now, 42 years later.  But it is really helping me to talk about these things. I also have anger issues and he has really helped me a heck of a lot on that. I am not a violent person, but in my mind, I do horrible things at times, and that shows up in my work. Of course  we could debate that because of that, I paint and draw all the things everyone loves that I do so much. I often wonder if I had grown up like a normal child, would I still be an artist?  What would I paint?  But what I can say for sure is that those years formed and shaped me. I am Nick Rose because of all of that. 
     Switching gears, some big news is that in 2 weeks, you will for the very first time ever be able to buy Nick Rose prints, numbered and signed. This will be 11 x 14 and 11 x 17, and they will all be priced at 10 dollars each, and with every purchase you will get and old print I did when I was training under my real name, William Johns.  Each month we will be releasing 2 prints, one will be brand new and the other will be one of the pictures that you all have seen me do for the last 2 years. Each will be numbered and signed to 250 copies and after that  no more of that one will be released as a limited edition. These will be very high quality prints and I will have more details for you in 2 weeks. Brainburgers will be one of the first released, and it will be reworked just a little as well.
     This new printer is something to see. I have been reading the manual for several days now. It is even wireless, and my new drawing table will be here by this coming Friday. I am very excited about that as well!  I honestly have a state of the art studio now. Once I have all the finishing touches done, we will take photo's to share with you.
     Well my friends, It's Sunday morning and Madison and I are taking a holiday and going to the beach. I haven't seen the great lakes since I moved here, so I am very excited. One last thing, on the last blog, I removed a couple of sentences because a couple of people that I didn't name, and never will, thought it was about them. Regardless if it was or not, I will not EVER change a statement again. That is basically like given into a terrorist. Go ahead and say what you want to about me, no body cares what you think.  Peace and Love my friends and as always, " May the Darkness Comfort You."


Sorcerer said...

wonderful works..wonderful works..
I have never tried oil painting though.
I do a bit of stunt on paper with pencil.
Its a wonderful thing to disconnect from the monotony of work and immerse ourself in that lil talent we have shaping it and sharping it.

May be I should try my hands at painting too.I could get a tip or two from your blog
:) May you have Happy week ahead!

Nick Rose said...

Thank you for the kind words Sorcerer. I think you should too, painting in oils is a wonderful thing. It is very romantic. The smell, the way the paint works just all of it. It is one of the best things in life. Honestly, once you get the hang of it, there is nothing like it. I would recommend that you watch on of the Bob Ross shows that come on public TV, and he can give you a quick lesson in how the paint works. Then I can teach you how to get more detail, composition, value studies, working with model and so on.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Child abuse. I can totally relate, Nick. But be glad that you survived! You're totally thriving, from what I can see.

I am also in therapy at the moment, but you bring up a good point. Had I not gone through all that crap as a child, would I have become the artist I am today? I think not. And the same probably goes for most artistic personalities.

I am 21yrs old and a published author. That's something to be proud of. Not many folks can get their act together at such a young age--especially coming from a history of abuse. There's a website for authors and artists to express themselves who have dealt with abuse and mental illnesses.

Little episodes dot com. Check it out. :)

Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal!

Nick Rose said...

Hey Cannibal, I love your whole name by the way! Yes at 21 you are doing amazing. I am very impressed. You know like I do how child abuse can really mess up your mind and it makes you feel degraded. To see you doing so well at such a young age is inspiration to all of us. I will check out your website!