Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to Basic's

        Hello my friends,  as always it is a pleasure to talk with you.  If you noticed the title, it is called "Back To Basics" and this is what some of you have been waiting for. For the last 2 years I have spent most of my art time learning to work digitally, but now, I am returning to my roots and I am going to be sharing a lot of tips to other artist out there.  No matter what you do, there is always going to be bad people out there, and I know some of them are reading my blog.  But because of them, I am not change what I set out to do originally with this blog, which was to share my journey and teachings I have learned from the greatest artist in the world.
      I will still be doing some digital work here and there , but I am going to refocus back on pencil and oil works once again, the real reason I love being an artist and now that I have made certain choices which will allow me to be more of an artist and less a Illustrator.  So I will be taking you step by step, and giving you lots of little tidbits of info to help you grow, such as  if you want to make your painting believable in color, for either oils or acrylics,  add just a touch of Orange to the paint you are using. Not enough to change colors, but just enough to take the "Shine" off of it.  This is how the Masters made their colors so real.  The things I am sharing with you originated with DaVinci, and was pass down through his students until it was learned by Howard Pyle, and has been past down to his students, all the way to Daniel Horne, and now being taught to me. These days it is called "The Riley Method" and you can't find any books about it anymore, unless you pay a fortune for it, and I haven't seen it one the Internet anywhere.  Some of it I will share with you all, the rest will be put on my website and you will have access for a reasonable fee.
     If your a digital artist, learn to mix real paints this way, and then scan them into your computer to use with your program. I already have made such a pallet and will be offering it on my website in the near future, but it will not be for free, but this info is. The Digital Pallet I created, covers a few flesh mixtures as well as dead flesh. I also includes a palette for colors to use in painting plants, metals, blood, and much more.
    In my next blog, I will be showing you the pencil work for a oil painting. This is going to be a Fantasy/Horror painting that features Super model Suzi Lorainne.  If you follow my work, you know that I have done several paintings featuring her. Now Wicked Kitty Studio's will be doing limited edition prints Featuring Suzi. I am thinking 4 to 6  prints a year and in 2012, Wicked Kitty publishing will be releasing a calender feature some of these, and new ones as well.  This partnership with Suzi is going to be a mainstay for us.
    Something I think is funny,  since Madison and I have been a couple she has only seen me work digitally.  The other day she came down to the dungeon and saw the pencil work I am doing for this painting and said "Wow, you really can draw"  and I was stunned.  I thought to myself, who does she think did the oil paintings I have?  I guess until you see it being done, you just don't know. lol  I love her so much, and as of the 18th she will be quitting the nursing home job and taking on a full time job working at the Hospital.  She has been working there part time these last couple of months, and it has really been hard on her, but now it has paid off and the hospital offered her a full time job, which means she only works 3  12 hour days a week, and that leaves plenty of time for her to work on her projects like her writing.  
   I don't know you all, but Sunday is a work day for me.  I only get to work a half a day on Fridays, and very little on Saturdays. Today I get to talk to a old friend I haven't talked to in about 4 years, I am really looking forward to that, and tonight I have a business call with Suzi, and the rest of the day I will be drawing, doing laundry, and being a "House Dad".  Madison is sleeping, she worked a 12 hour shift yesterday, and again tonight.  Then she has a lot of this coming week off.   Since she is leaving the nursing home, she gave away most of days to work there away to part timers, so she will be able to start getting use to her new schedule.  

    Well my friends, it is time for me to get busy. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, and I will see you soon. Blessings  "May the Darkness comfort You."


Geo said...

glad to see you following your roots.

Nick Rose said...

Thank you George!