Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the hospital

       Hello my friends. For those of you stopping by to pick up the art tip, I am very sorry, but I have been sick and I am going to the hospital as soon as I write this. I don't know what is wrong with me, but the doctors are saying I have an infection inside of my body, and they have yet to figure out what it is. They put me on several meds the other day, and they haven't helped. It takes all I can do to just stay awake.
       The good news is, that while I am in the hospital, I will be working on my "Book of Rose" Ideal. This is well worth the wait and the work I am putting into it. As it gets closer to completion, the tag line "You will believe" will start becoming clearer to you all. One thing you all should remember out there, that in this business there are a lot of thieves.  They can't come up with anything original at all, so they take your idea's instead. I call them bottom feeders, and "The Book Of Rose" is way to close to my chest to allow anyone to steal the concept. We have big plans for it, including a RPG.
       So my friends, hopefully this trip in, we'll find out what is going on inside of me. I believe in the VA with all my being. They have been darn good to me, and went way over the normal to Help me in any way they can. Cheryl and I believe this to be something caused by the COPD, but hopefully they will be able to pinpoint it this time around.
       The painting I showed you in the last blog is moving along slowly, mostly because I have just felt so bad.  But when I get home from the VA, I should be able to start laying down the oils. I did manage to get the underpainting finished. I have come to realize this last several weeks, that I really enjoy sharing and teaching those that ask for it. I feel that it is a very positive thing to be able to share with your brothers and sisters.  The internet with all it's faults has made this possible for all of us.
       I can promise you that I will be back to continue in my works, I still have a long way to go until I am ready to lay down for the final time. It's just going to be a rough road for me, because I was so stupid when I was younger, and really had no desire to live. But all of that has changed and I wake up everyday with a huge smile on my face, and a Twinkle in my eye.
      Another really good thing that happened this week is that I got to talk with my Younger sister, Diane. It had been about a year since we last talked, but we promised each other that we would call each other once a week. I haven't seen her in almost 30 years, and I promised her that this coming year I would come to Missouri to visit her and all the Nephew's, Nieces, Grand Nieces, and Grand Nephews I have never meet.  Starting in Jan, I am hitting the convention circuit for the first time in 4 years, and the conventions are welcoming me with open arms. I will be announcing them around November, in case it is close to you, and you can come out to meet me in person.  If you can, and you tell me you read my blog, I will give you a free print of your choice!
      Another big piece of news is that a Mainstream magazine out of Canada (by Mainstream I mean that it is for sell at newsstands)   will be doing a interview with me very soon. I am guessing for their Halloween Issue (The're not a horror magazine, more of a everyday magazine along the lines of a literary Magazine) and to me this is awesome, because I will be reaching a market that Normally isn't a market for me. So, I am very excited about this and I will tell you more once I know more.
    I am hoping I am out of the hospital by the end of the week, but the VA will keep you in for as long as it takes to find out the problem. A normal hospital wants a quick turnover, and IMHO, send you home sometimes before you are ready.
    Well, I am all packed and ready to hit the road.  Like I said, Madison will be posting updates, and if your a personal friend, she will give you the phone number to my room if you want to call and shoot the breeze.  Much Love to everyone, and  "May the Darkness Comfort You"

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