Monday, August 2, 2010

Wicked Kitty Publishing is Born!

     Hello my friends, it is good to talk to you as always.  I love hearing from you and the feedback and advice you give me is so appreciated. Above is the finished piece I did for the upcoming issue of Horrorbound online magazine. It will be released  on August the 15th, and the really exciting news is that there is going to be a writing contest based on the painting. The Details will be on the site on the 15th. Go Here.  Really cool stuff. I hope they let me read the entries.
    Next up is an oil painting of Supermodel and Movie Star, Miss Suzi Lorraine. This will make the beginning of a business deal she has Wicked Kitty Studio's and our new Publishing company.  Some of you may have heard that Madison is now the owner of Wicked Kitty Studio and  the Publishing company.  All of that is true.  We're also forming the company into a LLC, thanks to the advice of a couple of very good friends.
   What this means for me is, I don't have to worry about the business end anymore, I just do what I do best which is create.  Madison will handle everything else. I love this because now I have all of the very best of everything to work with. I still own the rights to my works, but when I die, the company is going to Madison and the Kids, and part of it will go to my niece Christina.
    So now my goals are simple. They are to keep healthy, which I am doing a wonderful job of.  Second is to get all my projects going that we have talked about, including instructional DVD's, A series of books called "The books of Rose" , my oil painting series of Suzi, and of course my horror work. They are more things in the works, but I will tell you about those when the time gets closer. Honestly I am a little Paranoid about putting my idea's out in public, but I have one artist for sure that keeps trying to steal my ideals, and there may be more, I don't know. But these are MY idea's and they are very original.  I am going to bring new things to you and the horror industry, but I am getting everything so that it is protected first and solely owned by Wicked Kitty before I tell everyone to much.  You know, I know that 99% of you are cool and wouldn't do things like that, but they're are some people who call themselves artist, but can not come up with anything original and just steal imagines, and then don't even give credit to the copyright owners.
      Recently I was accused of doing something like that.  A while back I drew a werewolf based on one from the movie "Van Helsing" I did this because I was looking for new ways to draw Werewolf's to be honest. I love them, but they are not my strong point. The piece was meant to be a training piece. I drew the outline of it, just like I would of a model for a painting. Nothing wrong with that, it's not illegal or immoral.  As Daniel Horne, the Master that Trained me said, I am just painting my interpretation of the creature, and I gave credit where credit is due.  Recently I know you all remember the piece I did called "Sammy Unmasked" based on the movie "Trick r' Treat" Now this was a finished piece, where the werewolf piece wasn't, so it was never put on my website or Face book, just my blog as a WIP .  The "Sammy Unmasked" is a finished piece and it is on Face book and my website, with a note under it in both places that it is a piece based on the movie, all though I recreated Sammy. I have made no money off of it, nor do I intend to. I did this for my personal satisfaction, just like in the near future I am going to do a painting of "The Joker" to take to shows and hang on my walls because I really love the character. It to will have the proper trademarks and Kudos's to the character's owners.  I talked with Todd Lockwood and Master Horne about this all, and basically One of them said that this "artist" should worry about his own work, instead of mine.
     But good things came out of that, for one, I become much more knowledgeable of copyright laws.  We went to see a lawyer, and we have her on retainer now. That wasn't as expenses as I thought actually, and she is handling the LLC and taking care of other legal matters for us. So things are doing quite well, and I am not going to have to deal with scum anymore.

   My original works are the only thing I can not give deals on, simply because of the amount of time they take and the name that goes with them.  Well my friends, I will be releasing new prints starting tomorrow, so I hope you will stop by and see what we have, and if you don't see the one you want yet, just send me a note, and I'll get it done for you.
    Peace and Blessings my friends.  Much Love.  "May the Darkness Comfort you"

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Anonymous said...

I find it interesting people say you steal when they are objecting to two piece out of the hundreds you have done, but find no problem making Zombies out of Uncle Sam, Rosie the Riveter, and celebrities, which lacks any originality.