Monday, November 29, 2010

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better.......

    Hello my friends.  I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We did, although we both worked. Of course for Madison and me, it really isn't work when you are creating, it is an act of love. The painting above is called "Heaven and Hell" and it features Horror Diva Dia Green. It will be shown on "Horrornet" to accompany a new interview with me, and a good one. I know I have done 13 interviews now in 14 months, so I do my best to make each one different and the readers can learn more about my dark past and future. I have the 14th interview coming up in January. The publicity I am receiving is just mind blowing.
     I just got a new scanner and have much better scans of the new oils I am doing. Here is the scan of "Hellcrow"
      as you can tell from the version a few post ago, this is a HUGE difference in quality.
     Outside of showing you what I am doing and tips here and there, I will not be able to continue the "lessons" until around the first of February, and those will be video's from now on. Right now I am swapped with things. As of later this week, I will be revamping the website, and most of the digital art will be gone forever, except for a few pieces we plan on marketing or we make good prints of. The lever of prints are going up. I just spent a small fortune on a new scanner and printer.  This printer will print up to 13 x 19, and this are the nicest prints I have ever seen that a artist can make at home.  Since now Tilly is going to get my work in galleries as well, we will be doing large, very high quality limited edition prints as well. They will sell for several hundred dollars a piece. All the things that will be happening in 2011 are just mind bogging and far exceed any dream I ever had for my art. I will tell you about them as they are happening.
     Here are more pictures of "Dragon Mystress" in progress. First we have the background finished and the background dragons done, and then a close up of the baby dragon with the soon to be painted Tilly.
     and here is a close up of the Dragon.....

    The next painting coming up is a private commission from one of my collectors and friend. It is my take on the Mythological creature "Cerberus"  At night after a 10 hour day of painting, I sketch while I sorta of watch a little TV. Here is the first study I am did trying to work out the bulk and proportion of a 3 headed dog to prepare for the painting. There will be plenty more sketches of it in the next blog, and the "Dragon Mystress" should be done as well. The Cerberus also be appearing in a book as well published by the client.

    On other news, my health improves every day, and I am more motivated and inspired than I have ever been. Madison and the kids are very proud of me. Our daughter is quite the artist herself at 11 years old. The other night, she pulled a chair behind me and watched me paint for 3 hours straight.  The kids and I have really bonded this last year as well, and I know they are not my children, but i fell like they are, and I love them like they are.
    It seems like I can't say enough about Tilly. I just found out from reading her blog that she is like a quarter away from getting her Law degree. That floored me. Not only will she be representing me, but she is also capable of taking care of the legal matters that may arise.  Her Agency will be one of the top ones in the world. I have no doubt and I am extremely honored that she wants to represent me.
     The truth is that if you have a good business mind, there is a fortune to be made if your work is popular.  The problem is that most artist don't have time to pursue the things that will make them the large amounts of money and paint too.  So now, I will have the best of both worlds.
     The art tip I want to share with you is a bit profound and I don't know if you will understand just yet. When Daniel told it to me, I didn't get it until 5 years later. One of the first things he said to me when I told him how grateful I was for what  he was teaching me, he told me "I'm not teaching you, I am simply unlocking the knowledge that you already have." I didn't have a clue at the time to what he meant, but with all the things I have been through since then, and now returning to my roots, my confidence in my abilities has gone off the charts, where as before, after the Dark Angel nightmare really made me doubt myself.  But with the support of Madison and allllllllllll the fans encouraging me, my confidence started to grow. (Not Ego) Now when I paint and draw I find that I am doing things that I was never taught, but for some reason, I just understand them and how to do them without even thinking about it. It is like I've always known how to do these things. Daniel's words now make perfect sense to me.  One day they will to you too if you believe in yourself.
    This is the first Christmas since 1998 that I am actually able to buy things for the people I love, including my friends and family. I am so thrilled about that, and I am very excited about the holiday.  We are putting up the tree tonight with the Kids. I can't believe how I went from being a hermit for 8 years and not wanting anyone in my life to having Madison and the kids and them being a huge part of my heart. I love them more than I ever thought I could love anyone. Finally after 52 years of living a nightmare, I have found happiness, love, and more success than I ever thought possible.
    Much Love my friends. "May the Darkness Comfort You"


Widow_Lady302 said...

Oh Nick, I loved reading this blog. I can feel your joy through your words. I'm just getting to know you as a friend so I don't know all the dark stuff that went on for you, but just from what you say and have said you have with love taken the circumstances of your life and become a better man. That is what it is all about my friend. My late husband taught me that, I am proud to say...not with any words, but just the beauty in which he handled his own darkness.

I am looking forward to Detroit! Hugging you and Madison is going to make my year! You have been an inspiration to me Nick, and where ever my own art takes me whatever happens...people will know that, I will make sure.

Love and blessings to you and yours, Nick. Because your holidays are going to be wonderful, mine will be better too!

Nick Rose said...

You are such a dear lady Lisa. Madison and I both are looking forward to seeing you and your BF in Detroit. Much Love dear, and Happy Holidays.

Tiffany Harmon said...

Wow, your artwork is really amazing. I just stumbled upon your blog, but I'll definitely be reading it from now on.

Nick Rose said...

Hey Tiffany, thank you for the kind words. I'm glad to know you'll be stopping by. Happy Hollidays!