Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Holidays, Love and Happiness.

       Hello my friends. Much love and blessings to you all. As always, I am very happy to have you join me again, and please don't forget to click on the advertisement to the right under the visitors map. I say this every week, because on average we get 50 new readers each week. Each time you click on it, one cent goes to the Shriner's Children Hospital.
      Here is a photo of the finished "Dragon Mystress" painting. I will have a finished scan of it for you next week. The newspapers where talking about this painting before I even finished it. Here is one of the articles. I thought I was getting a lot of press before, but now that Tilly and I are working with each other, her international fame is getting me noticed in really big ways.  I want to thank Jake Roberts and the "Canada News Now" for writing about me again. I appreciate the kind words and all the interest. This is the first of a series of 4 paintings based on the Dragon Mystress theme, and I promise you I will be painting Tilly Rivers for years to come.

     Next up is the private commission of "Cerberus." Here is the pencil work for it. I will start painting on it later today. I will have some in progress photo's for you next week.
     I haven't added a lot of details yet or wont until I start the under painting, hopefully today, but i am very sick with a bug. That is why the blog is a day late. The background will be very hellish with hellfire and all, or "Hades" fire. lol  I know, I'm easily amused.
    I still have 2 other paintings to be done with by the time we attend "Confusion" in January. After "Cerberus" will be a steampunk love thing featuring Madeline Frost and Darius.  Both will be in attendance with me at Confusion.  An interesting fact about Darius is that he was the personal bodyguard to a General while serving his country in Iraq. A very impressive young man indeed.
    After that will be the 2nd Tilly painting. It will be a much darker piece than "Dragon Mystress"  It is about a Dark Fairy. It is really going to dive into the dark side again.  I've noticed here lately since I have amassed a huge library of audio books and that I am becoming much more interested in magical creatures. I am loving this Cerberus painting and have an ideal for a dark unicorn painting featuring Tilly also.  But I am also getting into all the creatures that Lovecraft created in his stories, so look for a lot of them in the future as well.
    I am really happy about acquiring all the Dragonlance audio books as well, including all 7 of the Deathgate Cycle  novels which I read years ago. Life is so amazing right now.  I cannot believe all the good fortune that has come to me. I got some more major news this morning, and it means I have going to have pic up the pace a little more now. Even more work, but I couldn't turn it down. It's another dream come true.
   Okay, I really need to not have to think now, and just try to do motor actions, lol. I love you all, oh did I tell you I bought Madison a diamond so big that I had to buy a wheelbarrow too just to move here hand around in? lmao. Not that big, but for a starving artist type, it is a big deal to me.  Peace and Blessings. "May the Darkness Comfort you"


Geo said...

that Cerberus painting is gonna rock ! ive been sick to nick, hope ya feel better soon.

Nick Rose said...

Hey Brother. Thanks Man. Yeah, it is that time of year. lol. I'm hoping it wears off quick, I have way to much to do including interviews.