Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I almost forgot again!

      Wow, I have been so busy, I almost forgot to blog again. lol. I promise after "Confusion" I will start taking things at a normal pace, although I just signed on to do work with 2 Large publishers on a regular basis. It's it funny how when you decide that you don't want to do something, it then falls in your lap?  The good news is that I have enough clot now to ask for benefits, such as I will still own all the rights to make prints and posters of the work commissioned. I also can show it on my blog and for video lessons as well. A year ago a large publisher would have laughed at me for asking such things, but my mindset now is, "I don't care if I do it or not, I make plenty of money either way" It seems that just thinking this way has made all the difference in the world, or is it that now that i have returned to oils, my work has REALLY gotten noticed?
   I was finally able to scan 'Dragon Mystress" It takes paintings so long to dry in the cold damp environment here in Michigan. So here is is. (If I am in a hurry I throw them in the over, but Madison freaks when she see's me doing that. lol)
   You can see there is a big difference over the photo's I showed before. Also here is a logo I designed for the agency that represents me now, although that don't really kick off until March when Andie and Tilly are coming to visit me. I am going to take a zillion pictures of Tilly, because my guess this will be the last time she will be modeling. She has already made her millions from modeling and writing, but fortunately for me, she loves my work and is a very close and dear friend. How many artist do you know get to paint one of the all time top models in the world on a regular basis? lol Yes, I am bragging, and you would be to!
I love the logo. I wanted to do something that felt nostalgic and classy with a little mood, and I think I caught that with this one. I am doing a new logo for me right now, I have decided to (with the encouragement of Madison and Tilly) to start branding the name of Nick Rose instead of Wicked Kitty Studio. Next week you will see a new head on the blog and the website to reflect this decision. 
   I don't know about you but we had the most awesome Christmas I can ever remember. I can only hope that yours was wonderful to. Madison got A big Diamond for her hand, and some for her ears. She also got tons of other stuff she asked for, such as books by her favorite writer, and lots of things for her computer and her writing. I also got her lots of things to keep her warm in this Michigan weather, including one of those "Snuggie" body wrap things, and lots of heavy duty around the house thick footie's.
     I got this really kick butt thing that fits on my work chair and heats my back and massages it to, and also something similar for my neck. I got an external hard drive to back up all the files on my Mac, I got about 20 audio books, a New pair of stylise boots to wear when I go out in the ice and snow. New sweats, long johns, some really cool Batman apparel, lot of new brushes and paints (thanks to Mark) and plenty of new work to hang up from Mark and George, and a couple of art instructional books I wanted. I have never racked up like that!  I have been grinning like a possum ever since Christmas. lol
    This week I will have the website back up and get started on the next oil of Madeline and Darius in a Romantic Steampunk kind of thing. I'll have the pencil's of that on the next blog. So until then, peace and blessings. "May the Darkness Comfort you"


Widow_Lady302 said...

YAAAAAY A new post! You had a GREAT holiday fantastic! I love the fact that you are getting due benes from your work. I'm sure it has been a long time coming, too long, but you are deserve it and more! It is the mindset isn't it...feel like a begger and get treated like on...feel like a king and get treated like one...You are da'king Nick! Love the work, looking forward to your Goth-bob-ross instructions! LOL <3

Nick Rose said...

You are the greatest Lisa. Madison and I both love you to death. That was so kind of you to send us all the diabetic recipe books. We where floored by that, and the cookie recipe you sent last week.
Making friends with wonderful people like you is another huge perk of my work. We are so looking forward to meeting you in Detroit! Much love and Hugs. Happy New Year!