Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

      Hello my dear friends. How are you all?  I am just now getting over another bug, but no worries. Those that have been with me for a while no that my health is an ongoing issue and has improved 1000% percent from this time last year when I was in the hospital with pneumonia 5 times. I was in the hospital a total of 8 times the whole year, and now the last 4 months, I have been getting healthier and much stronger. My lung function has improved so much that they took away the oxygen machine and tanks!  Once again, I have beat the hell out of the odds and did what they said I couldn't do. It's the story of my life. I refuse to give up. I refuse to quit. I refuse to little minds influence me. I refuse to die until I have done all that I can as a man (I sure am glad I don't have to have a baby, that would be a bitch.) and learned all that I can.
     I would like to Congratulate my Niece Christina and her husband Jay on the news of #4. The first 3 where the cutest girls you ever seen, so Jay is pulling for a boy this time. lol One of my goals for this year is to go and visit with Christina and her family. Much love to the Park family. We love you dearly.
     On another front, I was informed that this blog is ranked 13th in the world (13TH IN THE WORLD, can you believe that?!?) as far as artist blogs go. I would have been thrilled to be in the top 1000. Here's the proof  and if I had listed this as an Illustrator's blog, it would be ranked number 2. But the truth is, I see myself as an Artist and I am growing more and more into that. I have to tell you I was floored and didn't have a clue. That explains why I am getting all the folks wanting to put ads on here, but for now I am only allowing just the one. The one that when you click on, The Shriner's Children's hospital gets a penny.  So don't forget to click on it my friends. Most of the people that want to put adds on here, the truth is, I don't like their products or endorse it. An now with all the Managing, Agenting, and just HUGE business going on my behalf, I am saving my endorsements for the people that are going to pay big bucks to the charities of my choice, minus the proper Managing fees.
    With all the just amazing and exciting things going on, I am trying to stay focused on 2 things right now. The first is Confusion in 2 weeks, and the next is Tilly, Dave and Andie coming to visit!!!! Tilly and Andie (Dave is Tilly's main squeeze) have become a huge part of my life and career, but I know I keep talking about them, so I'll chill on that and move to other things.
    Sorry about no art this time, but I've been down, like can't get out of bed down. But now that I am back we'll have new work next time. My Facebook and Twitter friends may have noticed that I took down the icon of Mr. Voodoo that I used for so long to identify with "Nick Rose" Well, some of the changes going on are that we are not putting the name of Wicked Kitty Studio out front anymore.  We are only using it for tax purposes and INC. Nick Rose is the name that is being branded, and now they want me to show my real face, so if you have never seen me, here I am..... The real Nick....

        This picture was made last year when I was being filmed for a documentary. I don't have the goatee thing going anymore, just a moustache.  I'm guessing we'll being doing some more promo pictures in the near future. Maybe Tilly can take some of me.... hmmmmmm.  
      If you haven't been to the website lately, I have redone it, and Prints are for sale on there once again. The site and the work that is there reflect the new direction I am heading in. Most of the old art is gone, and only with be available through limited collector cards I am hoping to have finished this month.
     Everyone keeps asking me "Nick, what are your plans for this year?" and I say, Hell if I know. The last 2 years I had a plan, and life blew them all to hell. Life gave me 10 times more than I had dreamed off, so this year I am saying, let's just enjoy the ride and paint as much as possible. Honestly, I think most people put to much pressure on themselves to "Accomplish" this goal or that one and by doing that, they are setting them selves up to fail. So don't do that. Just work on something you feel like you need to improve on, one day at a time. You know what I do?, I put a sign on the wall in the studio of what I want to improve on, and see it everyday, so it stays in my mind, and over time, it happens.
    Another thing I want you all to think about is this. I have a lot of friends and many of them are celebrities (Hell, they (the Media) tells me that I am an International Celebrity., when did this happen? I still fell like the same ole Nick.  See, being a Celebrity is no big deal)  but you all know me and know that I hang with all my peeps. But there is not a one of you reading this that cannot live my life or the life of someone else you like. But you have to work it. You have to learn all you can about your passion and see yourself as the person you want to become. BELIEVE IN THAT.  Don't let no one step on your vision. But you must work hard, study, learn and most of all, be patient. I know alot of folks have very boring jobs. I installed Carpet for 30 years of my life, but I had a dream, and I gave up a couple of times, but I always came back to it, and now look where I am.
    No matter what you do in life, you can improve yourself. It takes work, and yes it is hard. After working your arsh off for 10 hours a day on your normal job, you have to make yourself keep working on your dream from that time till you go to bed. You have to give up your weekends. It is not easy. I missed a lot of things in life to get here, but now, I am going to be able to enjoy those things. The main one is to see the world. I have even started studying the languages of countries I want to visit. 
    At 53 years old, I learn everyday. I love to learn. Audio books are the greatest invention to ever come out in my world. I can learn about anything while I paint, or just read (or have read to me) a book. I either read a art book at night or work on sketches. I am always improving the person I am. If I had been lucky enough to been raised by educated people instead of white trash, I would have learned to love learning when I was young. The only thing I learned as a child was how to install carpet and hate people because they weren't white. Yes, to this day I am very bitter about this. I have moved past it, but will never forget. I did overcome my circumstances, and you can too my friends, all it takes is to find the love in your heart instead of the hate that some people seem to want to infest us with.
    My friends, so many wonderful things are coming and I want to share them all with you. You have all followed me and cheered me on and I will never forget that, ever. May this Year hold magic, wonder, prosperity, and Love for all of us. Peace and Blessings. "May the Darkness comfort you."


Widow_Lady302 said...

Well said, Nick, on every level. I don't care if you are a celeb, you are just good people and I am prouder to know the person who is an artist, and a fine human! I am working on my stuff, and believe like you. I try to teach my widows and other bereaved folks who are trying to re-learn who they are after a loss of person, circumstances, or health, that there is nothing they cannot learn, with some effort. I try to be too stupid to quit, and too foolish to believe I cannot do something. You know, more balls than brains ;-) Thank you for living the life my friend, you illustrate more than art-you illustrate what is possible when we don't give in and give up.

Hugs, love, and cheers to you and your lady <3

Nick Rose said...

You are a person that inspires others Lisa, and the world is a better place because of you. I know the people you work with must love you dearly as Madison and I do. Thank you for all your kindness and friendship. Big Hug and tons of Love.

Martin Rose said...

Right on, Nick.

Nick Rose said...

Thank you Brother.

Steve Farr said...

I just found my way to your blog Nick!! I'm very impressed and glad I did! You are not only a fine artist, but a great person who I'm glad to know! Thanks and keep it up, my friend!


Nick Rose said...

Hey Steve,
I am honored that you have found your way here. Your work is inspiring as well as awesome. I hope your having a great weekend my friend.