Sunday, January 16, 2011

Balance is a must.

       Hello my dear friends. I am sorry, but this will be a short blog. The next one will be after I return from "Confusion" and hopefully we will have lots of pictures and lots of wonderful news. I have calmed down a great deal from last week and I am now very happy and excited about  this coming weekend.  But before I forget, here is "Cerberus" It is finally dried and I was able to scan it.  Prints will be available by the end of the month. I will let everyone no as soon as I have them ready. I will have a few with me at "Confusion" though.
   Folks on Facebook have really shown this one a lot of love. I have gotten over 100 comments from my 2 FB accounts and people have pre-ordered prints. Now that makes an artist like me happy. lol
    I think one of the things I am looking forward to the most is people from Facebook that are coming to Detroit to meet me and Madison in person. If you can make it to "Confusion" and come up to me or Madison and let us know we are Facebook friends or you are a reader of this blog I will give you one of the old Dark Angel prints from about 3 years ago for free. Just because we're friends and we appreciate your support so much. So if you can make it to the con, don't be shy. It really sounds like it's going to be a great con and I can't wait to meet and make a lot of new friends from Michigan and Ohio.  We are looking forward to getting involved in the area Sci-fi clubs, Ghost hunter clubs, and just cool people to hang out with. 
    One of my new friends George, will be hanging out with me at the show the weekend and I am looking forward to meeting him as well as my good buddy Lisa and her main squeeze. Madeline is coming to. Lots of our friends are showing up. It is going to be a blast!
    One more quick thing is that if your on twitter, you can find me there as well. Look for Nick Rose 2011!  Well my friends, I am wore out and need to get some sleep. I love you all and will see you when we get back. Peace and Blessings. "May the Darkness Comfort You."

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