Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We are back!

        Hello my friends, we are back from our trip to Troy/Detroit. We had a wonderful time and met some really awesome new people. I got to hang out with a new friend and drink a really expensive bottle of wine and made a fair amount of money. I will start at the beginning.
      At first, we thought we where in trouble. I knew that "Confusion" was a Science Fiction convention, but I was hoping that it would have some Media, Horror, Anime and Fantasy thrown in the mix. Nope, just Science Fiction. And it is a well documented fact that the Sci-fi crowd does not like "Horror" overall. There are a few exceptions, but we are talking overall. After we got set up on Friday, I watched many people walk by our table, not saying a word, but looking horrified to see Zombie Kitty's eating a dog. lol.  Madison and I just looked at each other and keep saying, "Oh man, this was a Bad decision.  (But fear not, our next convention is in April and it is a horror media convention called "Motor City Nightmares" and we know the fans will love my work there)  So Friday we spend sitting at the table bored out of our minds. I did a lot of sketching. lo 
      After the dealers room closed down I went to check out the art show, which the con didn't even advertise they had one. Then, on top of that, it was in a very out of the way obscure place in the hotel. There wasn't even a sign pointing to where it was. When I found it, it was very small. There was probably about 10 artist in the show. A couple of the artist I knew. There was a couple of ladies sitting at a desk where you first come into the room. I went to them to ask why the art show wasn't advertised. Well to make a long story short, the con is ran by a sci-fi club and apparently there is a lot of politics going on in the group. In the end the art show and and local artist suffered because the President of the club is a, well, I wont use the word I am thinking of.  But here I am being attached by Cthulhu!!!!

     So we returned to our room disheartened. If I knew I could have gotten my money refunded at this point, I would have came home. We just knew for sure that this was a bust.  So after a sleepless night  (the room had this cool noise maker that sounded like there where crickets and frogs everywhere. It helped drown out all the parties going on down the hall from us. lol)  we return to the dealers room on Saturday morning. I talked with a few of the other dealers and they told me that they hadn't made any sales either. At least that made me feel like we where not alone. Again, the day dragged. I had a few people come by and talk to me, but I couldn't help but snicker at some of the onlookers walking by us, sneering at us  like we where the scum of the earth because we dare brought scary things to their little convention.
     Late in the afternoon, some of the young folks started to trickle in, and they where cool. They stopped at the table and talked to me, loving the work. Most of them promised they would come by on Sunday and pick up some prints before they left, and they did.  Then our Friend George P. showed up, and after the dealers room closed down we had a really nice dinner and we went to his room where we treated to a 20 year old bottle of Port Wine. I don't know if you have ever had Port wine or not, but it is awesome. It is a sipping wine that carries a kick and is delicious. George told us all about his new web cast TV show and was showing us the props he was having made for it. This was a real treat. Once the show starts airing, I will tell you more and give you the link to it. It is going to be like a media show based around all the cool things like horror publications, music, movies, TV shows and so much more. He also showed us a good many photo's he had taken of the area. They where awesome!) George also bought 2 paintings for a very good price. So with that we made 10 times the money we expected to make just form that, but now I have to get busy paintings because every one of the oils I have ever done has been sold. 
    Then comes Sunday, and sure enough all the folks that said they would come back and purchase prints did, and that was another several hundred dollars. Also Lisa and Brent drove up from Ohio to visit with us. Brent made me a lighted etching  of my painting "Heaven and Hell" It is inside of a shadow box, and when you turn it on at night, it looks like moonlight is coming in through the stained glass window. This has to be the coolest thing that anyone has ever made for me. Getting to meet Brent and Lisa in person was a real treat as well.
     I do and did vow that pure science fiction conventions are off of our list. I mean this one didn't even have any Star Trek, Babylon 5, Dr. Who, Browncoats or nothing. I did see a couple of Steam-Punker's walking around, but this convention was BORING!!!!  Madison went to a few of the writer panels and she said the writers where good, but the audience was really bad, asking bad questions and all.
    We did spend a few hundred with the dealers we made friends with and got some cool stuff for us and the kids.

    We got the girl a fox tail and some leather studded gloves. I sure hope she doesn't beat her brother with them. lol We also got her a "Killer Bunny" from "The Holy Grail" We got one for the boy as well.
  We also had a spectacular view from our 17th floor room....
  So overall we had a great time, although I came back with the "Crud" I think I got really worked up over this thing and then it was a huge letdown, so emotionally I crashed. I slept for the first days we got home and I am just now getting to move around and do things again. My back was also killing me from the incredibly comfortable bed at the Marriott, and the folks at the hotel where awesome. The best thing about the con was the Con Suite, it was really one of the best i had ever seen.
    Now I have 3 months to get ready for MCN's  So between now and then I have to finish the Steam punk painting, a couple of book covers, a Dark Fairy Piece featuring Tilly and hopefully a Vamprilla piece featuring Suzi and lord knows what else.
    Right now i have to put together a new light for when I paint and clean my palette and get busy. Next week I am going to buy a better Drawing table. It will be half price and I have been drooling over it for a while now. lol
    So until next time, Peace and Blessings. "May the Darkness Comfort You"


Widow_Lady302 said...

It was great to meet you, Nick! Brent and I had a great time, and we are soooo glad you enjoyed Brent's etching project for you! I was excited about it when he shared it with me. Hope this is just the first of may fun times!

Nick Rose said...

Hey Lisa! Let's hope so, this was one boring convention to come to though. Most of them are a lot of fun.

Geo said...

hey nick, sorry to hear it wasnt that horror friendly but im surprised no one stopped by and looked at some of your sci fi stuff. i like that little zombie super herop you had on the table, lol. did you do that there ?

Nick Rose said...

Hey George. It all turned out find brother, even with the way things where, we walked away with 2000.00 bucks. Thats really good, considering the con.
Yep, the super-hero zombie was something I did for Madison to use while we where sitting there. I drew several others as well. I'll show them soon.

Miss Dro said...

gotta love sci-fi.. its so possible that all the scenarios presented in that genre of film or reading material could in some way or world, dimension, or realm could be real.. even if it is in our imagination.. in a way it still exists..

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