Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just when I think.....

      Just when I think I am out of the woods, someone hits me upside my head with a ball bat and says "Not Yet"  As you all know, I have been getting a ton of dental work done and I thought I was out of the wood as far as them pulling teeth goes, except for the front 4 teeth they are going to pull right before my partials.  (Please forgive any errors I may be making, but thy have me on Methadone because the pain is so intense. I will be off of it tomorrow) I went in Tuesday to get some fillings done, and the Dentist informs that after looking at the x-rays more, she doesn't think we can save the tooth, and she also has spotted fragments of a tooth that dissolved 25 years ago buried in my gums that need to come up. I had been feeling great, so like a fool, I say, "Lets do it." 4 days later I am just starting to be able to get out of bed. It feels like she ripped my gums wide open as well as the side of my mouth.
   I am telling you this because just the other day I said "Man, where going to start writing blogs every other day and really kick arshe art wise." Ho hum, I am sure we will get there soon, but not this week. lmao.  But I think the life lesson here is that no matter what we think or the best laid plans we have, life is going to remind us on a regular basis that we are human. I think my biggest problem has always been accepting this, but I am proud to say I am getting there. I have embraced that saying that "When Life Gives you lemons, make lemonade!"  So instead of painting and communication with all the wonderful people out there that love my work so much, I Will go with plan "B" which is to watch Some old "Batman" TV shows from 1966 and then finish watching the first season of "Lost in Space" Since I can't do what I want to do, Plan B is pretty awesome for an old geek like me. lol!
   Outside of me recovering, everything is just fine.  As a matter of fact The Publication 
Pagan Element  did a feature on me this month you can find here  Take your time to look through the whole publication, it really has some good reading. We also have another article coming up in a few weeks and another and really good interview coming up later in the summer. So my health has slowed me down a little, but the machine just keeps building momentum.
   Another BIG change I hope you will make note of is this. On my regular FB pages  I will only be showing finished art. If you want to see step by step or really old work, or get good deals on prints you have to be a member of the fan club. It is free. Just go here and hit the like button, and please help spread the world by hitting the "Share" button and letting your friends know about all the crazy and wonderful things we create. Yes, I said we, because I have took several of your suggestions and turned them into paintings. For Instance, "Zombie Kitties"
   The next big change is the "Group"  The group is where we all get together and talk about anything cool or art. It is the only place that I can be one on one with my friends. I was spreading myself WAY to thin a little while back and wasn't able to be anywhere and found myself becoming very frustrated because I couldn't do what I have always done, which is spend time with the people who love the same things I do and my art. I take these kind of things very serious. I love all of you  and to know you love or like my work really keeps me going and has gotten me through some really hard times. Without you, I would be nothing.
   So by keeping the group page up on my comp makes it much easier to keep up with messages from everyone, instead of trying to keep up with 7 mail boxes, 8 clubs, and so on. This way I can one of the fellows again. So please be part of the group to if your not already.  Here is that link.
   Alright my friends, I am going to put on my Batcape, and take another pain med. I love you all and thank you for being so awesome and accepting me for being so damn human.  MAJOR HUGS!!!!

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