Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving forward in BIG ways!

     Hello my friends. May love and peace fill your lives always.  I have been feeling so good lately that I am no longer worried about making commitments for commercial assignments anymore.  As a matter of a fact, it is going to be full steam ahead from here on out.
     I am going to be posting a lot more blogs talking more about my everyday life and the little things that really make up one's career. Blogger added a section a few months ago that lets you keep track of the traffic on your blog, and where it comes from, the feeds to it and so on. I checked it out the other day and it is telling me that I have a minimum of 80 people a day reading it and as much as 1200 in a day reading it. The average is 480 hits a day. Wow!  I couldn't believe it and I said that I need to start spending more time here and give my readers more of what they want. I am VERY honored that so many of you keep up with my antics and work. I am flattered and more encouraged that I could ever put into worlds.
   One of the big things about my mindset is this, and this also explains why I am so upset with so many artist out there that I know.  I was born an artist, or better yet a creative soul. I love to be creative in many ways that now you will get to see since Mother gave me a second chance. I am going to keep myself healthy and work everyday (but not forgetting to have time for my loved ones and for myself) and really blow everyone away with all the cool things I see in my mind's eye yet to come. But anyways, I am creative because that is who I am. I do my best to improve and learn new things everyday.  It is important to me that I become the best at what I do above all else. I can't imagine anyone that wouldn't?  Isn't one of the big reasons for our lives is to  make the world a better place than the one we where brought into?  If your not going to give it your all, why bother?
    But what has been making me upset with these people, and it's all creative people really, it's just that I deal with artist more, is that I see that there main motivation is to be "Famous"  WTF? Are you kidding me? Your only goal should be to become good enough to be able to support yourself with you art and live the dream.  Damn, that's the payoff.  That's the dream come true. But unfortunately what I see from 90% of the artist that contact me is that all they care about is being "famous"  They only want to rub elbows with the "High and Mighty" artist of the art world.  To them it is all about sucking up, hoping someone will take pity on them and throw them a bone. 
    It never stops amazing me that they miss the point that if you work very hard, learn all you can, and be PATIENT in time your day will come if you truly have talent.  But instead I see all these people either kissing all the arshes they can, or stabbing someone that trusted them in the back, because for some insane reason they think that will move them on. It sickens me and that is what I have been ranting about the last few weeks. I want to help artist, if there heart is in the right place, but I find very few of them. Those that I do, I hold close.  Something for the 90% to think about.  I cannot think of one of the "High and Mighty" artist I know, and there a lot, that ever set out to be famous. They just wanted to be as good as they could and to be able to support themselves and their families.  Think about that and let that set in your noodle and absorb it in. If you get it, maybe there is hope for you, if not, well.  Okay, I think I have finally got that put into worlds the way I wanted to for a while, but just could think of how to do it. 
     A couple of cool business things are going on.  Everyone knows that Tilly Rivers is my very close friend, and she is like family and so much more to my family.  She will be getting her law degree soon and we have worked out an agreement that she will be mine and Madison's lawyer for all things we need in this publishing business. She also acts as a consultant and agent at times.  I am thrilled by this simply because I know I am not gonna get screwed in a bad way anymore and if anyone wants to get froggy with us, it will cost them. Truly creative people get screwed more than anyone, mostly because we are a trusting lot, and there is ALWAYS some con artist out there just waiting to set you up. No more for this family. 
    I am also working on a deal right now that will give Madison full time editor to work with us on our books.  She worked with Madison on her first book "The Bone Extractor" and it was a very awesome and wonderful working relationship.  So I am working on a deal and future deals to keep her in our corner for all of our writing needs. She is also a writing agent.  Isn't that cool?
   There is so much to being an artist, or a creative person than we usually talk about, but now that i will be blogging more, we'll talk about all parts of the business.  It's time for me to get to painting so I will see you in a day or to. Much love my friends and "May the Darkness Comfort You"

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