Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm alive and doing damn fine!

Contrary to popular belief, I am alive and doing damn fine. lol Hello my friends. I'm sorry about the length between blogs, but I have been "living" for the first time in a long time and just having fun. The serious state of my health had took a big toll on me physically and mentally. Now that I am doing much better, I had some healing to do in both area's. Now I am finally coming back to myself. It took some doing and I hurt some people's feelings on the way, but they had it coming. There are a few more that I am going to deal with soon as well. Another revelation, because of the way that the very people I have helped through the years have acted toward me, I will give tips here and there but I am saving all the lessons for my books and video's. If I am going to have to listen to crap from the people I help, then they are going to pay me for the privilege. Do you get the feeling I am fed up with other artist bullshit attitudes? lmao. Yes I am and it ends now.
I love my life and l love what I do. I am very blessed and get to do things most can only dream about, but that makes me a target. But the good news is, I only have to deal with things if I want to deal with them. I have a lawyer to check over any deal or any person that is wanting to work with me. In normal terms, that works great for both me and the client if every thing is the way it should be and it keeps me from getting scammed like I have been so many times in the past.
On to other things. If you want prints of my work, you can order them through my fan club and save 5 bucks, or if your a member of my Face Book group you can for normal price. If your not on facebook, you can order them through me. Send me an email at for info on how. I haven't sold them to the public in a while, so if you want one signed, this is your chance. Also the prints are a large 13 x19 on very high quality paper. Most artist sell 11 x 14 prints.
I love the people who support my work and my fans, never doubt that. My anger is usually caused by my so called peers and it occured to me that I can close that door and it doesn't matter. I haven't meet another artist yet that wanted to buy any of my work, so why in the hell do I care what they think or say? I have been doing a slow burn over this because when I was sick, I had to deal with all of there crap and now that I am better, they think they can keep on. It's chain yanking time.
Ok, I just wanted to check in my friends. I'll have a new painting with Kane Hodder in it soon. Love you all. Hugs. Peace and Blessings. "May The Darkness comfort you"

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