Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random thoughts.

      Hello my friends. I hope your holidays are and have been awesome. Mine have been fine. Madison is working on her 4th book now and I am thrilled at how creative she has been. I really need some of that to rub off on me about now. I had another bout with my blood pressure and wound up in the hospital again. Now we are trying to figure out a new combo of drugs to keep it under control. I'm not sure, but I am guessing that all the pain I went through because of the dental work had a lot to do with it. Damn. I will be so glad when all of this mess is done with, but at least now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Every since January, my whole art life has been derailed because of all the crap my body has had to go through. The good news is that now I am looking at another 30 years of painting, Lady and  the Lord willing instead of just 2. But I will tell you, I will be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad when all of this is done and I can just get back to my daily routine.
      I'm not whining or crying, just frustrated and today for some reason I am feeling really keyed up.  I really need to cut loose I suppose. Since my last blog, I have had one of those colon checks ( I can't spell it)  a tooth pulled ( and it was a bitch!) and spend the night in the hospital because of the sky high blood pressure. Yep, I need to blow off some steam.  The truth is I get all tense and keyed up like this when I am not painting and being creative. I painted 2 days this week, but the rest of the time I have been down.
    I am hoping to get back to painting tomorrow. Today I was able to be fairly active and walk on my treadmill, and got some paperwork done while I kept one eye on that Casey Anthony trial. This is the first time I have really set down and watched how our court systems work on a major trial like this one. I have gained a whole new respect for the system to a point. Lawyers really do earn their money and the patience and pose it takes for them to do their jobs is very admirable. I know I couldn't have been a lawyer, my emotions would have gotten  in the way. I guess since Tilly is going to have her own practice here in the future, I have taken more interest in legal things. She has her hands full with me being my legal consultant and all. These days 90% of everything goes through her first. She checks all the contracts, make sure everything is as it should be and just protects me, my family and my work. I have to tell you that I feel like I am very blessed just for having her in my corner. 
     I don't know if I told you all, but we did move into a much bigger house a few weeks back as well. We love it, but it is going to take some time to get my studio set back up fully. Right now I am just taking it one day at a time. I'm in no hurry, I think we are going to be here for a long time to come I hope. I am getting to old for this moving crap. lol Of course I hired some young fellows to do all the moving part. That helped a whole lot.
    One of the things I decided I wasn't going to do on any of my social sites anymore is try to sell prints or things. I don't need to, life is good.  But I am pushing for my friends and fans to join my fan club.  The reason being is that it is new and it is the ONLY place you will be able to see old works, complete works in progress, news media and  interviews. I pulled my website because I do not want to promote Wicked Kitty Studio anymore, instead we have named everything after me, Nick Rose. So now it is Nick Rose Studios. I am going to put a free site soon, but I am only going to update it twice a year, so if you want to see all the cool things coming, go here and hit the like button.
    The Facebook group is a totally different animal and it is where folks can hang with me one on one and talk art or about this blog, or anything as long as it's respectful. 
    I think one of the things that has been weighing heavy on my mind is that I can't be like I used to. I mean I can't hang out and just chat with all my friends like I use to on Facebook. I have 3 profiles now, and a 4th will be coming in August. Outside of FB I am part of 5 business groups and Twitter. When I am feeling like myself and painting, I only can allow 2 hours a day now to be online and that doesn't allow me much time for business, so I miss a lot of people I used to chat with all the time. Times change and I have to put the future of my family and loved ones above all else. I want to finally be able to give something to all the people that I love in this world, and the generations to come.
    I guess I have come full circle now. I can remember wondering why a lot of my friends couldn't respond to letters or it would take them a few days to. Now I understand why and really feel like and ass because I thought they where being rude. That's not the case at all. I respond to every letter and note I get, but sometimes I can't do it as fast as some folks would like me to. I understand that, I use to feel the same way. Now the shoe is on the other foot. lol  Be careful for what you ask for. But I am very thankful, and I am so thankful that so many thousands of people have taken me and my art into their hearts and spend their hard earned money on it. For that I am the most grateful.  I get letters from other artist or just regular folks that tell me that I inspire them so much and than just blows my mind. It also brings tears to my eyes. I never realised that so many people read all my post about my health and my battle to be healthy again and the struggles, betrayals and hurt that I have been through. Little did I know that each time I talked about any of those things, the hearts of kindred souls linked with me and followed me on my journey. 
    So as I sit here, fighting to get my body to a "normal" state, I do so with joy and love in my heart because I know so many of you are pulling for me and love me.  I am the richest man in the world. I have every thing that means anything to me and I don't know of anything else that could make me happier. When I tell you that I love you, I really do. They are not just words. You have given me this and all the wonders and miracles yet to come. Love and Hugs. May the Darkness Comfort You.

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