Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something new.

Hello my friends. Here is the artwork for my last painted cover for a commercial market. If you see a cover after this one, it will because I sold the rights to an existing piece. I do have one more commercial piece to do, and it will also feature Kane Hodder (Jason, Hatchet, Ed Gein, and so many other horror movie legends) as this one does.
This painting featuring him is for my fiance's book "The Bone Extractor" and there will be prints available from Kane and me. You can order one from me through my email ( or the Facebook group or fan club) and Kane will have them at personal appearances. I will be doing appearances in the future, after I am sure my health is stable. For now, it's looking pretty darn good. It will be able cool as hell to hang out with Kane and Chainsaw and conventions and some others I have yet to name. April (Chainsaw) is going to become one of my muzes and I will be painting her in ways other than just her movie roles. She will be featured right up there with Suzi Lorraine and Tilly Rivers.
This painting was a real challenge because of the very limited photo's of Kane I have to work with at the moment. I was actually the model for his body. For those of you that are saying BS! here is the pic....

At first I was trying to piece together different photo's I have of him to get the pose, but no matter what I did, it was coming out stiff. Madison suggested I pose for the body, and I did.
The sad thing is if you look closely at my chest, you can see where they shaved me in places to put those patches on to monitor my heart when I went through a whole series of test a couple of weeks ago, and the great news is, my heart is very strong and I should be around for MANY years now to really burn up the art world, and that is my plan.
I want you all to know that you letters and comments of support have meant the world to me. I will still be doing dark things, but light as well and I will be doing them mostly with brush and oils, although I am not going to rule out digital. It does have it's good points. The above painting was done with both oils and then scanned and finished with Painter.
I have been very fortunate this last year and because of that I am able to make the move that I am able to. A couple of months ago I purchased the CS5.5 Masters collection. It cost a ton, at least to me, but it has every program I could ever dream of needing for doing everything to making and editing music, video's, art , the programs I need to format books and magazine which will be important in the future and so on. A few of the programs, I don't have a clue to what they are for. I have been wanting to play with Adobe Illustrator but am making myself wait until I have the commercial work done. The new version of Photoshop does everything including wiping you butt. lol. Just kidding about that part.
I have to read the manuscript for Kanes book written by Mike Aloisi and in a couple of days I will get ready to do that piece. I want to make it photo real looking almost, so I will probably be doing it in Painter. I haven't made my mind up yet.
As each day passes I am coming closer to the growth I have been talking about, and I am so ready to embrace that and just explode with new paintings. But I know myself better than anyone, and I know if I don't get this last piece under my belt first, it may never happen, so.
I am certain that once I start feeling like my painting is moving into the direction that I wanting it to, I will finish that steampunk painting I started a while back. The pencil work is very popular and put a lot of food into the house, so I want to make sure when I paint it, I do it the justice it deserves.
I want you all to remember something, back in 2005, I was told I had very severe health problems and probably wouldn't live long. I had gave up and knew that death was coming for me. Then a miracle happened, a living Master reached out to me and offered to teach me, and because of that I got the will to live again and fight as if my life depended on it, and it did. Then who I consider to be a second Master helped me as well, and this last year in secret another one helped me under the conditions I never named them because of the backlash it would cause them from others that had begged this Master to help them. This is the main reason I am changing up and leaving Illustration. This Master taught me what the first two didn't, heart and soul.
That being said now, I know a lot of you will be guessing at who it was, but I gave my solemn to take it to the grave with me, and I will. I don't know how long it will take, but I do know these three Masters believe in me, Madison and a very few friends I hold in my heart and because of that I will become whatever it is they all believe I am capable of. Never forget, I did come back from the dead. I was given another chance and I am not going to waste it.
Love and Hugs forever my friends. "May the Darkness comfort you"

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