Monday, April 20, 2009

Kicking Ass and taking names!

I was going to show you this one in progress, but I started on it and now 3 days later it is done, and I'm loving it. My energy level has been so high these last 3 days, I just couldn't stop, and i pray to that the powers that be, I can paint like that from here on out. This one just exploded from me. I've been praying for that to happen for a very long time now. I hope that happens when I do the cover as well. I am really believing that these 17 paintings are going to take me to a much higher level.
I know this might be hard to understand, but when Daniel and Todd started training me, they where teaching me things way over my head, but finally, I am starting to get it, and I am so excited that in future paintings these things will become obvious. You also might have noticed that in the last few paintings i have signed them Nick Rose, no symbol. I'm ready for people to know who i am and that I WILL KICK ASS from here on till my days are up.
This is huge for me. If you remember I started my career as Gypsy Rose (It's tattooed on my right arm) and then to Nick Rose, and once I started training under the master I used my birth name, William Johns. But after much soul searching, I came back to Nick Rose, and that is who this artist is for now until the end of time.
In this blog I do my very best to talk about positive things and encourage other artist and just plain folks to let them know that if you believe in your dreams, THEY WILL COME TRUE. But you have to believe and work hard at it, and have much patience. As Ringo Starr sung, "It don't come easy"
What I am trying to say is this. Believe in your dreams, and don't give up. If you work at them and believe in yourself when no one else does, you will succeed. The keys here are work hard, believe, and don't settle for being a "Gimmick Artist" After all, if you want your work to be remembered, do it the right way. No shortcuts. Peace out and Love.


Geo said...

we all know you can paint, draw hot woman but what really gets me on this piece is the color of the snake scales,the extraordinary detail in the feathers and the over all composition as well as the great looking slayer !

nice work nick.

Nick Rose said...

Thank you buddy, I love you too.! lol

salamanderstales said...

Love it! It's fabulous work! Kudos!

Nick Rose said...

Thank you Laura. When the writer of the story is pleased, well, that's just awesome!