Friday, April 17, 2009

New works

Hello Friends. I've been very busy. First up the sketches above. The top 2 where sketches I did for the "Darc Karnivale" book cover, and the 3rd one is the final approved layout for the book. Now I just have to paint it. Working in Corel Painter lets me do all my sketches separately and then put them together any way I want to with ease. Once I have each piece posistioned the way I want, I start adding more details, and continue to do so as the painting continues. I will keep you updated on this one as it goes, but I am working on it here and there as I am doing the other illustrations, but I have to have it turned in by the first week of May, so it want be long.
The bottom piece is the first sketch I did for a story called 'The Vampire Keeper" written by Laura Bickle. Also for "Darc Karnivale" I'm digging this one. It gives me a chance to do something sexy for a change. There will be a Naga in the illustration as well. I'll have the finished rough for you over the weekend.
Now for some good news. I recently had a stress test done on my heart, and I pasted with flying colors. All the treatments, changing my diet, and more exercise has really worked. An to be honest I feel better than I have since I was a young man. My career is going much better that I had ever dreamed of at this point, and In a few months I want have to lay carpet anymore. I'm going to get me a exercise machine to keep in my new home. That's right, I am buying a home, and it is perfect for me. It has everything I need, including a studio just for doing photography of models, and Lord since i have moved here I have models begging me to use them in my paintings. Even a Playboy playmate.
It blows my mind that just simply by moving up north all of these things have fell into my lap. But more later, I got to get busy now. Love you all! Peace out!


Geo said...

i really dig the vampire slayer chick ! the clown scares me ;)

Nick Rose said...

Some how I knew you would say that!! Lol

Geo said...