Saturday, April 11, 2009

Teritum Squid

Hello friends. I hope all are having a wonderful and safe Easter Holiday. The above is the 3rd illustration for the "Darc Karnivale" book. The story is called "Teritum Squid" written by Jeremy C. Shipp. Another wonderful story. This one is a little bizarre and funny. A very good read.
A lot has changed in my life these last few months, for the good I might add. My work habits have improved. My day is like this. 10 hours painting and 2 hours networking, seven days a week. That leaves me about 4 hours for personal things and catching a few TV shows that I follow. But my work is improving in leaps and bounds.
I'm thinking that after I finish these 16 pieces and the cover that my skill level will be up a few notches. I am going back and redoing some of the painting I did for Ralan's story. I found a much better model for Jack Cutter and I should have that done and posted tomorrow.
This book is a big deal for me. All 16 writers are known writers and a few are personal friends, and I am having more fun doing this project that any other that I can remember. For one thing, the editor David Byron is just fantastic to work with, and one top of that we both have something in common, the carpet business. I install it, and he cleans it. lol But my carpet days are almost over. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will happen some time over the summer.
I have nothing against working a hard job, but I am getting to old for that mess, and I've been worried to death that I am going to damage myself to the point I would be crippled once I retired from it. I really want to travel and see the world, and I don't want to have to do that on cruches.
Well, I need to get back to work. I hope you enjoy the new piece. Peace and Blessings all!


Geo said...

i love her expression, nice tones and colors 1st glance i was thinking the hands looked off, specially the right pointer finger but then i started thinking what elderly peoples hands look like.all arthritic and such, i think you captured that well. nice work dude.

Nick Rose said...

Thank you George. I took the photo from down on one knee. I wanted to try a new view. So the hands where much closer to the camera than normal.