Monday, April 27, 2009

The Veil is gone.....

She has the face of an Angel, does she not? In the next post I will have the cover of Darc Karnivale to show you in progress, but tonight, I just wanted you to see the face of the woman who made me believe in life again. Her name is Cheryl and she is for real. We are like two peas in a pod, we think alike, just everything. I always thought that love at first site was just a bunch of dreams of lonely people, but now I do believe it. After a very short time, I just can't imagine her not in my life. Like myself, she is gentle by nature, but on the other side of the coin, she has a dark nature just like me. I had a dream many years ago, and in the dream i saw my mate, but I could never see her face. But what I saw was a tattoo of a black rose on her arm. Guess what..........
Since i am being open tonight and just talking about life instead of art, i want to make a statement that may or may not upset some of you. But either way, I would really like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Before i start, I am not going to mention any names or even point this in any direction. It's just something I want to get off my chest and hopefully those of you reading this will offer your opinions as well.
I love Michigan, the place is awesome. The people I have meet here are just cool as hell. But I was introduced to a couple that are very religious. I mean Jesus freak religious. To me, my beliefs are personal, and like politics I think that they should not be a topic of conversation, unless you are looking for a conflict, because the problem is, every single person in this world believes that there views are right, and if you don't agree, then you are wrong.
When I meet this couple, and they where very nice folks, they judged me because i do "Satan" art, and started to pray for me so that I would see the light and change my evil ways. Now, this pissed me off. Why? Because they knew nothing about me. I did the church thing when i was young, I was saved and baptised. I pray every day, but I do have a problem with church. My faith is personal, and I do believe in higher powers. So why was I pissed off? Simply because I hate prejudice in any form. For instance, I am better than you because of my beliefs in God, politics, or my skin is this color and yours is not, or on and on. You get the picture.
I feel so sorry for anyone who thinks that way. I mean to make yourself feel good about yourself, you have to put someone down because they don't believe what you do, and of course because you believe it, that makes you right and everyone else wrong.
I watch the news and I see that every single day that people are killing each other because they believe that there beliefs are right and everyone Else's are wrong.. Remember the Crusades? You know when the Christians were massacring people all over Europe because they didn't believe in the Christian faith? Look at what's going on in the world today, same thing, different century.
I know me writing about this want change a damn thing but God, i can dream can't I? People, Jesus said that all we needed to do is love each other, and all would be good. Is it so hard to just accept your neighbor and love them instead of finding reasons to hate them? Big Frigging deal that they think different, that's there right as it is yours. If you feel like you have to find a way to feel better about yourself, then just work harder. Learn to love people without judging them, help the people down the road that need food. If you do these things, you will feel much better about yourself, and be proud of yourself as well. "All I am saying is, Give peace a chance" John Lennon wrote that, and I personally think that we should all listen to his music much more.
I love you all..... Peace out


Geo said...

nick you bring up good points about beliefs.its a subject that one should tread lightly upon just becasue its true, people can get easlily upset if you think differently then them but really we are all differnt in one way or another.excepting this makes one a better person.

about these people and yourself,dont get pissed over petty things.getting bent out of shape over what others think doesnt do you any know what you are about and that should be enough.

if they are just expressing their point of view to you just brush it off and be done with it.

now if they are pouring holy water on you and pushing a cross against your forehead thats a different story. ;)

in the end what they believe should be just that , their beliefs , dont let it effect you. you are better then that.

take care !

Nick Rose said...

Thanks Buddy. You are right. The funny thing is that I honestly thought for a moment that they where going to try to Exorcise me.

Geo said...

i cast you out unclean spirit!

Nick Rose said...

Not Funny!!!! lmao. damn

Geo said...

sorry, lol