Thursday, May 7, 2009

City of the Dead!!!

Hello my friends. Here is the next piece for the "Darc Karnivale book. It is for a story written by "Iron Dave Byron" called "City of the Dead" Another winner.
I know this illustration is very different from anything you have seen from me. But I am trying to be more Versatile. In the future you may see Western type art from me as well. On this piece, the value layout was very challenging for me. But I think I pulled it off.
I had a lot of fun painting the neon lights. The next story up is about a giant spider and a woman determined to destroy it. This one will be fun.
I would love to hear thoughts on the new piece. Do you think I did a good job on the lights, the values. Does the illo make you curious to what the story is about? Well, I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. See you soon with a painting in progress. The new Dragon Piece I told you about. Peace and Blessings


Geo said...

k ready nick ?? ;)

i find nothing bad with the illo. i think you nailed the neon's pretty damn created a nice blurred edge to them that gives the effect of them glowing.they pull my attention rite in and then i find myself exploring the rest of the drawing.

the nude female and the one with the long fingers have me wondering so indeed i think you got the onlooker atleast me wanting to know more.

at 1st i was a little confused with the pov of the drawing. i thought the two ladies were standing behind a wall but the more i look at it it looks like they are on a roof top. i think that may be makes sense with the angle of the signs .

nice work, i really studied alot into this one.

Nick Rose said...

Thank you George. Have a good weekend buddy!