Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting back to it.

        Its always been hard for me to learn to work in a new environment, and  I am doing it again. lol  I love the new environment and I am set up really cool, its just taking me a bit to adjust.  Its like moving into a new house, it takes a while to make it home.  I do love Living with Cheryl and I love her with all of my heart, and we are making a life together.  But it never fails, whenever your happy, some idiot comes along and tries to cause you problems.  Man, will people never change?
       I'm coming alone with the new illustration really good, but it took me a while to get a feel for it.  I think I got burned out from doing so many illo's in such a short time. I think the last one is a good example of burnout, because in my mind it sucks the big one. Luckily the story got cancelled from the book, so the illo will not be used.  I always want to do my very best, but there are times that I try to hard and the piece will come out flat and boring.  
        You know I really stick my neck out on this blog, and I do it because I want readers to feel like they are my friends instead of someone curious about what I do.  That is the main reason I will talk about some of my personal life. But I do leave things out to protect mine and Cheryl's privacy.   Lately things have just been chaos for us. Between work, art, networking, household things and the time we get to spend with each other, I am doing good to get 6 hours sleep at night.  Many nights it is much less.
       It has gotten to the point I have very little time for phone calls and personal letters, and it seems that a few friends are not happy with me about that.  I'm really sorry, but I don't know what else to do.  Maybe once I don't have to lay carpet anymore I will have more time for those things. I love my friends, all of them, and this has been something that has really been bothering me, but it is what it is. I hope they will understand.
      I will post a new blog Sunday, and it will have the finished new piece  to show you. So it's already an hour past bedtime, and I haven't even ate yet.  Peace and Blessings all.


Geo said...

nick, you have to make yourself happy 1st before you can make others happy.


Nick Rose said...

Your right buddy. Thanks for the wise words. Hope your having a great weekend! I can't wait to see the beaver!

Geo said...

no problem dude. i started on the final for the beaver so it shouldnt be to long.