Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back from Vacation and ready to Rock!

     Hello my friends.  Above is part of a larger painting I am doing for Horrorbound magazine. This is just one part of it. But I am so pleased with how the painting is coming, I thought I would share it with you. I am very motivated again, and am ready to turn out some really awesome new works for all my friends and fans.  It is amazing how much harder you work and how much more you look forward to it when your doing your own thing.  So now, I have 3 continuous projects going on all the time, and I have to set aside time to ship out prints as well. That takes time to prepare each one to ship. I shipped out my first batch today, and that took most of the day, and then to head to the post office and get them shipped, and get more info about shipping overseas as well.
     Lets take one thing at a time.  The vacation was awesome, and it was the first vacation I have had in about 12 years. I don't count conventions as vacation, your working and networking the whole time you are there.  They are a lot of fun, but you sure as heck don't get time to relax at them.  I am going to do local ones, and maybe ones in Ohio and Indy, but other than that, unless someone is flying me and so on, I probably want  be at other ones.  We went up north a couple of hours to a very charming town on the coast. Our hotel was right on the beach and was equipped with a steam bath, whirlpool, and a indoor pool, and about 100 feet from the Lake Heron.  This visit, there where waves much like the Atlantic ocean, just not as high, but it sure had that soothing sound of the ocean.
      We ate like piglets the whole time we where there and I actually got the kids eating Dots and Jujy Fruits!  The whole place just had a very relaxing laid back feel to it. Madison took some wonderful pic's  of the ships and all.  We went on a sight seeing tour of all the docked Massive boats.  Madison's daughter swears that she saw a sea monster. I think I am rubbing off on her. lol  All in all it was wonderful. I got a little cranky at one point, but I got over it. I love the kids with all my heart, but it's been a long time since I have been around young ones 24/7,  but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.
      On the business front, a lot has been going on, and Madison is now the owner of Wicked Kitty Studios. I will be doing the art, but she will own and be running the business. For one, that leaves me totally free to just create, and she deals with people and business far better that I ever will be able to. This also protects me and my work in many, many ways. We have a lawyer setting it all up, and it's a done deal now, but I didn't want to say anything until it was done. There is a lot more to this as well, and I will share more in the future.
     This was the first week that we put prints on sale, and to be honest i figured like all things, it would take a while to get off the ground. Well, when we got back from Vacation, we where blown away by all the orders we had. I busted my butt today to get them all ready to mail out, and made it to the post office with minutes to spare, and I have only released 2 prints so far, and a special order for a very polite young man.  Very well mannered. If this is a gauge of how prints sales are going to be, Wicked Kitty will prosper over this coming year more than I ever guessed it would. I just want to thank all of you for supporting the work I have done in this manner, and the work coming this next year is going to be even more awesome. I promise.
      While we where at the beach, I got a lot of writing done on "The Book of Rose" and I am excited like you wouldn't be believe. It is like I was meant to write this series of books. Is this the Idea that the Gypsy told me about? We'll find out in 2012. The tag line for the series is "You will Believe!" but outside of showing you some art from it here and there. I have to keep it top secret. I have several low life's that keep trying to steal my idea's.  
     Well, that's it for this time, and next time I see you, there will be more art.  Much love my friends. "May the Darkness Comfort You."