Sunday, July 18, 2010

Setting the record straight and Vacation!

      Hello my friends, a lot has been going on since the last time we talked including my studio  flooding. Talk about panic and a mess. That has never happened before, but in 20 minutes it rained 3 inches. It was so bad that when I looked out the kitchen window, I couldn't even see the car which is only 10 feet from the window.  Luckily when I set up the studio, I put everything up of the floor with red bricks or crates, and then decorated everything like they are supposed to be there. There was no damage except to me throwing my back out and using muscles I didn't know my body didn't have. lol  The water was 3 inches in some places so I had to move everything around to be able to get to the water and direct it to the drain. Another good thing I did was run all my wiring from the ceiling down instead of the floor up, so there is no chance of getting fried  from electricity.  I have chalked everything in here now with clear silicone chalking.  The water was coming from where the wall and floor meet, so hopefully that will help next time we have a storm like that. I am also going to get a wet/dry shop vac to keep down here. On top of everything thing that happened that night, the power was out too. I had one flashlight and candles, but I was afraid to use the candles because I store the oxygen tanks down her for when I need them.  Oh well, lesson learned, let's move on.
     One thing I feel I need to clear up is this. I don't want to talk about negative things, but because of others stupidity, I feel I have to just for a minute. Ok, everyone knows about the 2 interviews where I spilled my guts about my childhood, and a 3rd and 4 th one are coming soon.  I did this because, I am seeing a Therapist, and he told me to get this off my chest.  When I do interviews, I tell it like it is, I don't glamorise my life or lie about what publishing is like, and when I asked where all horrible images come from, I tell the truth, which seems to upset some people. But the one thing I DO NOT DO IS TELL NAMES. For instance, when i was talking about my step father, and I had 3,  I never once mentioned his name, his younger brothers name or there spouses. I have no desire to embarrass anyone.  What is done has been done, there is no way to change it. By talking about it makes me feel better as the Therapist told me it would, but I never intended for anyone to know there true identity. But alas, along comes "The Brain" and his pet trying to start a pissing match with me on a public forum, and guess what the "Brain" (We gave him this name several years ago, when he begging me to help him when I was an Art Director. Several of us used to hang out together we gave him that name, not because he was smart, but we where being sarcastic.  He really thought we thought he was "Smart") did, since he knew my family, he started putting all of their names out there. So now people have a name to go with the people I was talking about.  He also let the group know what a wonderful person my stepfather was.  Considering this man used to beat the living hell out of my mother and me because he had a bad day and treated my mother and me like we where his personal slaves. Knowing this and knowing the public know this about him, it says a lot about a person to say publicity that the Stepfather is one of the best men he knows. .......  Really? Darn "Brain" that says a whole lot about your character, and I pray to God that you don't treat your family like that. Ok, enough of that, I wanted to set the record straight and I did.
      Well, In a couple of hours where heading up north for a 3 day vacation.  I know Madison really needs one I am looking foreward to getting out of the house for a few days. She told me the name of the place we are going, but I can't remember it. Everything around here has a native amercian name and I have a hard time with names as it is. I know where staying on the beach, and there is tons of things for the kids to do, so it should be fun. I am looking forward to the day when we can do something like this without the kids. I love them and all, but you know what I mean. We'll be back sometime on Wendesday, and I will be able to get back to work then as well. I had hoped to work the last 2 days, but  having to put the studio back together took much more time than I thought.
      Finally, I have Nick Rose prints for sale. The first 2 we released are "Brainburgers" and "Zombie Kitties" These are very high quality prints and are numbered and signed to 250 each. The price is 10 dollas, plus 5 dollars shipping. If you order 2, I throw in one of the prints I was doing back during my Masters Training for free. Go Here to order yours today!  The sooner you order, the lower number print you will get.
    Well my friends, I have to get moving and packing and all the things you have to do before a trip. Much Love everybody. "May the Darkness Comfort  You."

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