Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just so much awesome things. This week Prints!!!

      My friends, much love to all of you. Finally after 3 years I am offering prints again, and these are prints of the new work, and the new work to come, including the oil paintings of Movie Star and Super Model Suzi Lorraine. Here is her website in case you didn't know it. By the end of the year we will have several new works of her, and this is turning into a franchise.  In the long run we are not just looking at prints, but calenders, collections of art books and so one. Of the 3 major things I am doing now that I have retired from working as a cover artist, this is one of the big ones.  I want to talk to you also about what I will be doing and want be doing so everyone understands where I am heading, and I just can't thank all of you for the hundreds of letters of support you are showing me.  I believe you understand that this will be a much better creative outlet for me, and I am very excited about the work I will be doing for you, my friends and fans.
     First thing I need to tell you is that finally after 3 years, I am selling prints of all the new works and the works to come.  This is very highly prints with your choice of glossy or matte paper. The prints are made as they are ordered, and they will be numbered and signed to no more than 250. If requested, I will personalize them for you as well.  An it gets better, they will be 11 x 14 and sell for 10 dollars each. That is half of what most artist sell them for, and shipping and handling is only 5 bucks, no matter how many you order,  inside the United States.   You can go here to see more info and the prints themselves.  We are starting with "Brainburgers" and "Zombie kitties" and adding one new one each week.
      This has to be one of the happiest times of my life. I've been writing the "Book of Rose" the last couple of weeks, and it is really coming together. In a way it is a graphic novel, but not really, and in another way it is a journal, but not really. Everyone is going to taken by this, because I have seen a couple of things that where similar, but nothing like this, and right now I am planning on releasing 4 of them.
     It is really hard to explain the excitement that is going on here now, it is like a magical kingdom or something. My studio is on it's way to being every thing I ever dreamed of it being like. I just have to get 2 more bookshelves, a couple of Gargoyles, and plenty of artificial plants and it will be a dream come true. One of so many.  Every morning, I am so excited to come down into my dungeon.  Today I worked on my website, and tomorrow I am going to work on links to the people I support and call friends, and hopefully get some original art up for sale as well. I have had a lot of interest in that lately too, and there seems to be a buzz now that i am picking up the pencils and brushes again.
    As far as prints go, i am only going to release one a week, except for this week where I released 2.  I would love to her what your favorite pieces are, and more importantly which ones you will buy.  By you doing this, you will really help me get our new business off the ground.  I run the show, but the wicked kitty studio is owned and operated by my life mate, Madison.  So she handles the money, bank accounts the whole nine yards, and she buys me anything my little ole heart desires for me to do my job better. I am even going to be teaching the kids how things run as well as far as making prints and shipping, although they want be doing that until they are older, but one day all that I do will be for them and my grandnieces.
     If I can live at least another 20 years, i will leave behind quite a legacy for my loved ones, and the doc's are telling me I should be around at least 30. Just the thought of being able to live as a REAL artist and work and draw and paint my visions is the best reward I could ever have for all the hell I was put through in my young years by my step father and his younger brother.
      And Therapy is really working an helping me in ways I never thought it would.  My other dream has always been to be a better man, and I am becoming a much better man.  Now if I can get my sisters talking to me again, i would truly be happy.  Well anyways everyone, from the bottom of my heart.  Much love, and "May the Darkness Comfort you"


Elliott ArtWorks said...

Nick, it sounds really awesome for you! But talking about dieing is pretty depressing amid all the happiness!! Congratulations again and you should post some pics of the new studio! Sounds really great!

Nick Rose said...

Hey Elliott,
Brother, don't let the talk about 'Dieing" get you down. It's a good thing. If I hadn't meet Madison, I wouldn't be alive now at the rate I was going, but now that I am taking care of myself, I have a lot of wonderful years left to create my friend.
Elliott, as soon as I have all the finishing touches done on the studio, I will very happy to share photos.
By your handle, I take it your an artist too. Please share a link here so we all can check out the wonderful things you create please.
Thank you for stopping by and being a friend!