Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blood on the Walls WIP part 2

Hello friends. This is an update on "Blood on the Walls" This is the 3rd element of the painting. When It is done, It will appear as a ghost image over the hospital. Again the model is the one and only movie star and model, Suzi Lorraine. Time and time again she has just been an awesome friend to me. Cheryl and I are hoping to make her wedding to Mark next summer.
This drawing is not done yet, but I am very happy with the way it is coming out. Let me once again also say how awesome Imac is. If your an artist and you enjoy doing digital art, save your nickel and dimes and buy one. I swear, you will love it.
I want to give a HUGE heads up to my friend George. He landed a job with a new book company, and I am SO Damn Proud of him. To see him come this far and to start getting gigs like this, is just one of those things in life that you just cherish. George, you deserve the Biggest "OH HELL YEAH" ever. You are tha man!
I'll have more art to show you in a day or two. Until then, peace and blessings and may your dreams come true.


Geo said...

nick this rocks and makes ones toes curl back !

thanks for the shout out about the new gig. i wouldn't of been where iam with out your help !

you get an oh hell yeah too !

Nick Rose said...

Oh brother, the talent has always been in you, I just helped you find it. You are the man, and i am so proud of you.