Monday, June 29, 2009

It's been a good day.

Hello friends. Last time I blogged, it was a tragic day. Two american Icon's died, but today is a much different day. Above is the logo for Wicked kitty Studio (My Studio) that will be used in most all of our business ventures, with the exception of the young people's market, which we will use the more cartoon version I showed you a couple of weeks ago. With this done, i can no move forward with the website. The first part I want to get up and running is the business art side of it. You know, doing graphic arts, logo design and portraits to name a few things. It's official, I became a full time artist as of today.
Last night I turned in my rough work for the graphic novel as far as the writing part goes, and the company was so impressed with what I Had done with the story and my
imagination that they told me they would pay me to write the sequel to Mental Scars, as well as doing the story boards, movie poster, graphic novel and so on. How could I say no? The money is more than you can imagine, I'll be doing what I love and making money for mine and Cheryl's future, not someone Else's. So, the choice was very easy, and the person I had been working for was well aware of my plans and what was going on in my career. So, I wish them the best of luck with their future, but now it's time for me to be concerned with ours.
Today, I am working on the Viper production logo. I should have that done before the days end, hopefully. Cheryl and I are going shopping tonight though. I have to buy a new portfolio and printing paper to make up a commercial portfolio to get local clients.. I am going to start visiting them this next week. I will also be adding a link to the website to direct companies to commercial work I have done as well.
So, time to get busy. Peace and Blessings all.


Geo said...

congrats dude !

Nick Rose said...

Thanks Bro, and back at you. You've had some really cool stuff come your way too.