Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Demon Nurse Fini

Hello again my friends. Here is the finished version of the nurse that is the 3rd element of the painting "blood on the Walls" I wanted to show it to you like this, because in the painting, it will be faded to look ghost like. Give me a couple of days and I will have the finished painting for you.
A lot of great things are going on right now, one being the possibility of me doing a graphic novel based on a movie. I have to make a phone call tomorrow night to talk about the details, if all goes well, I will fill you in. Another thing is that a friend is helping me get into the movie business in a big way, so you will be hearing about that in the future as well. Moving to Michigan was my good luck charm. Since I have been here, I have meet the love of my life, Cheryl, and my art career has just went crazy. So many awesome things are going on, it just blows my mind. Carpet Laying is becoming a nightmare of the past very quickly.
My art is improving in leaps and bounds since Cheryl got me the Imac. Trust me, windows has it's limits when it comes to art, on Mac, I can paint just like using oils and so, so much more.
I am not bragging at all. I think of all of you as friends, and I am just sharing the good news. i am just a simple man who has worked on his dream for many many years, and now I am getting noticed and I will finally be able to do what I love and be able to pay my bills. Cheryl has been huge in this as well. She will be handling a lot of things that I just don't have time to do, like merchandising for one, and much more.
The bottom line here is this, if you have a dream, work hard on it, be patient, learn all you can and practice, practice, practice. Peace and blessings all.


Nick Rose said...
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Geo said...

nick i didnt even put 2 and 2 together. the new mac.... this painting rocks. easily one of my favs of yours.

Nick Rose said...

Thank you George and Nick. I get the feeling that the first Nick is my sweetie, Cheryl. George, Once I start running prints again, I'll send you one of these!

cheryl0117 said...

Let me try this one again using the same computer does have it's down fall.
Nick you are a wonderful man god has given you an amazing gift I'm very proud of you and will support you be it good or bad I love you very much.

Geo said...

id love a print dude !